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Market Development Manager

Golden Intl is an Intl Healthy Film, Healthy Dance, Healthy Language Comprehensive University, current location is in New York, etc. Facing to global public carry out free universal education Golden Intl Mobile Health Life Science the Application, Targeted for Self-protect Oneself Health, and Self-protect Global Public the Health Correct Modern Knowledge. 

Make Full Use of Unique Golden Intl Health Language, to educate and Cultivate Golden Intl Mobile Health Life Science the Application, targeted for self-protect oneself health correct modern knowledge self-protect the global public the health, the Intl Professional Health Educative Talent, the Intl Professional Health Research Talent the Cradle.

Golden IntĄŻl owns Golden IntĄŻl Free Education, Golden IntĄŻl Film Academy, Golden IntĄŻl Dance Academy, Golden IntĄŻl Language Academy, Golden IntĄŻl League Education, etc.

Market development manager 

long-term effective

Recruiting number:                              20

Requirements:                                    Bachelor degree

Work experience:                               over 10 years

Post salary:                                        Negotiable

Job type:                                            full time or part time

Job responsibilities:

1. in charge of market sales, expand video advertising market

2. management, tracking and optimization of demand, and demand into the existing advertising platform optimization and new product development plan, a deep understanding of the gold pool of international video product characteristics and user characteristics, according to the video product development plan adjustment of advertising planning system, to expand the market

3. operation department, technical team and other related departments, video advertising development, operation and maintenance support, ensure timely completion of the project

4. video advertising products, market research, competitor research competition advertising products, absorb external experience improved its advertising system

5. to formulate relevant systems and products using internal management operation process

6. in the promotion of the new system and new product and related processes, training related personnel

7. development and management of channel partners
8. on the qualification and development work, to develop, communication and management of key customers, develop cooperation programme

9. timely communication with customers, feedback market information

10. key customers to develop, communication and management


1. Full-time bachelor degree or above of university education, marketing or related major

2. three years product or project management experience, including at least two years of in video website or web site marketing experience

3. The development of the familiar with the Internet, mastering regular network technology

4. familiar with product and project management process, and have practical experience to prove

5. understanding of China and the world of advertising industry, especially the development of network advertisement and demand now

6. skilled use of office, including Word, ExceL etc.

7. have good occupation morals, have good political qualities, have a high political consciousness

8. large foreign enterprises engaged in education, relevant work experience marketing is preferred

9. attentive, caring, strong sense of responsibility, honest, dedicated, hard-working, diligent, standard English, and good at communication with affinity

10. have good communication ability and team spirit, strong ability to work independently, good communication skills, team spirit, strong ability to plan activities, to work with high enthusiasm, initiative, can arrange the time reasonably

11. trained in marketing, channel management, product knowledge training 

12.Good relationship with mobile phone, Tablets, desktop computer company, 

or the world top 500 companies is preferred consider.

Please send your  detailed resume and recent photo to e-mail us if you are interested in the position.   e-mail:
Golden International Language Academy

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