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Share success! When kids obtain succeed themselves, can own share their own success with other kids? Especially in the face of the children who oppose your own, or the kids who have been frustrated, do share the joy of your own success? Sharing success is a virtue that every kid should have.
Autumn is cool! Autumn is the season of harvest, there is golden light everywhere, and the fruits are fruitful. The Autumn sun generously spreads golden light to the world! Joy is flying in the sky, laughter is galloping in the world, kids participate in the festive days of autumn, learn etiquette knowledge,...
Extraordinarily enchanting! The tall and tall cedars spread all over the mountains and plains, exuding a strong pine fragrance. The pine trees danced in the wind, showing various postures, but they still showed the green pine sea, as far as the eye could see.
Let go of troubles! Troubles are everywhere. Although kids are young, they will encounter all kinds of troubles every day. How to deal with troubles that arise? Can use your own kind smile to deal with troubles? Troubles occur every day, for various reasons, learn to use a smile to eliminate their troubles in a timely manner, ...
The polite ! Sophie came home from school and suddenly found that her new neighbor had a girl as her age. Sophie immediately greeted her happily. The first time they met, after introducing each other, the two immediately became inseparable good friends.
The right posture to walk! Many parents disapprove, the simply walking, why need to keep the correct walking posture? Because, the correct walking posture, for each kid is very important. Wrong walking posture will gradually hurt the physical health of kids.
Enjoy the ordinary! Enjoy the richness of life, made up of countless ordinary days. In ordinary life, there are kids the spring, a hundred flowers blooming, colorful, and kids the summer stories, laughter with tears, hugs full of guilt, exciting cheers, and sincerity from the bottom of my heart.
The sky is high let me flying! Kids should remember: the sky is high let me flying. Actively and earnestly learn correct posture and etiquette, because each kid needs correct posture knowledge, correct etiquette knowledge, especially posture, etiquette knowledge, can help kids improve their own temperament...
Hi, can you help me? Facing the problems of other kids, many kids are very puzzled, why must their own use polite language? When kids encounter difficulties and need help from others, they must learn to use polite language and ask for help from other kids. Similarly, when facing other kid's intractable problems and need their own help, they should also use politeness.
Ring-bow legs! Some kids, unknowingly, suffer from ring-bow legs. Because of the ring-bow legs, the way they walk is ugly, and they are always laughed at by other classmates. Sometimes they are unfriendly in front of themselves. Imitating the action of walking, the onlookers laughed...
Bona fide smile! Use your own kind smile to treat troubles and let troubles go with the wind. Every day every kid will meet have all kinds of troubles, because of various reasons, what should kids do? Learn to use a smile to eliminate your own troubles in time, use happiness to resolve caused by troubles, learn and create by yourself...
Posture! Does posture matter? Many kids disapprove, especially parents, who maintain a casual posture towards their kids posture, causing trouble for their own kids healthy growth. Why do you need to learn the correct posture to walk? Candy classmate was hospitalized, and the teacher, with a sad expression on his face, told the classmates that because of the foot disease,
Winter's story! The north wind blows, the snow drifts, and the cold winter is the season that kids love, especially when the earth becomes silver-clad, snow is flying all over the sky, snowball fights in the snow, and do snowmen are added happy into their own childhood the memory.
The big stage in the heart! Show yourself, show own best side, add points for your own words and deeds, applaud your performance, can you do it? This is a life lesson that every kid should learn. The big stage for kids is in their hearts, happily stepping out of their own style, happily showing their own temperament, ...
Growing up healthily! The seedlings thrive in the sun, and the suns selfless dedication gives the seedlings the sunshine they need to thrive, cares for the seedlings and so on. Kids are like seedlings, and they need enough sunshine to grow up in a happy, sunny environment.
Conquer troubles! At a young age, all kinds of worries are encountered every day, which makes kids very angry, why? Investigate the reason, the troubled caused by oneself! Change your own mindset, look at problems, and look at things, with a completely different perspective.
Fly in the ideal sky! What is your ideal? The ideal is the kids the own hope, looking forward to one day, like an eagle, flying in the ideal sky! With correct guidance, every kid can make progress every day and show himself.
Graceful posture! Every kid can walk out of graceful posture and show beautiful temperament. However, many parents do not think so, and many kids have no confidence in themselves, always envy other classmates, complain about their own poor walking posture, and so on.
The art of smiling! Whenever ask kids: can you smile? The unanimous replies were all laughing, and the implication was that kids would smile. However, smiling is an art. A correct smile can give others happiness and infect other kid the happiness and warmth.
My big stage! My big stage is in my heart. Proudly walk out of my own style, show my temperament, learn to create happiness by myself, accompanied by joy, accompanied by singing, enjoying difficulties, health, joyful, happiness, etc.;
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