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The trouble? Although children are young, some of them have already started to have troubles. Really, it happened to the little friend John next door. So far, John is often worried and cant even eat. The little friend Andy found out about it, and immediately found John, holding Johns little hand, and ran quickly, he kept saying, hurry up, we're late!
Colorful! Although the daily life of young children seems to be the same, often let children feel boring and meaningless. However, parents should correctly guide children not to think so, and encourage children to cherish a beautiful and easy life, use their own wisdom, their favorite, beautiful ways, ...
Spread happiness! Children all like rainbows, colorful rainbows are so dazzling, especially after a strong storm, the colorful rainbows in the sky are so gorgeous, in the blue sky, set up a beautiful antenna, Spread happiness to the earth, bring endless joy to children, and arouse endless beautiful reverie of children.
Help each other! The friendship between safflower and green leaves can reflect that children should learn, master to help each other. Many, children came to the garden and saw the safflowers in full bloom, the voices of praise came one after another.
Own ideal! Every child has his own dream, longing for his dream to come true. This is not a dream, enrich your own ideal with knowledge. As long as the children work hard on their own, one day their own dreams will come true. In order to realize their dreams, children must work hard to learn knowledge,...
Laughter to face the difficult! What should children do if they encounter difficulties? Whenever encountering difficulties, often because of grievances, children can't help shedding tears, or fear, and often have shrinking thinking. These are all negative behaviors of children and are not advisable.
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