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Spread wings and fly! Little eagle is very envious of the abilities of his brother and sisters. Over the blue sky, great eagle spreading its wings and flying high in the blue sky. For a while can toward the sun, for a while to face the mountains, for a while to swoop down the rivers and seas , and for a while to fly on an endless prairie...
Beautiful little squirrel! The autumn leaves, under the direction of wind and rain, as like covered the earth of leaf quilt, colorful, under the shining of the sun, emitting a dazzling light, the little squirrel ran happily on the special quilt, the air is filled with joy, friendship, happiness...
Naughty bee! The golden autumn, a good harvest is full of fruits, and everywhere flowers are blooming, swarms of bees are happily collecting nectar, the fragrance of flowers is exuding in the air, and the singing of bees comes in ears side.
Smart bunny! The baby bunny was running fast, because it heard the mother's call, but, running, slowed down, and then, the baby bunny stopped running, and both ears stood up, because baby bunny heard laughter, and then, heard the dialogue again:
Magical effect phone! The mobile phone is every child’s favorite. On mobile phone has the latest stories, problem-solving methods, novel games, beautiful cartoon pictures, and it is convenient to contact other children.
Correct walking posture! Every child has a different walking posture, but is the walking posture correct? The answer is that it is not correct. There is an error in the walking posture. Some children walk with heels, some children walk with outside eight word foot...
Sunshine, rain and dew, and our smile! Golden Int'l special arranges to learn the correct walking and so on posture, correct children posture, give children a happy, healthy learning environment, cultivate children to create happiness every day, and enjoy in laughter Study, enjoy life, enjoy life ... Dec. 1, 2020 Start Register
I love tall poplars! Every responsible parent should prepare well for going abroad or relocating to a new environment early to cultivate a good personality of the child, let the child learn slowly in happiness, and adapt to enjoy the environment of a foreign country, or d different new place... Nov. 1, 2020 Start Register
Temperament! Every parent hopes that the children in their family have a good the temperament. In fact, it is not difficult, because the beautiful temperament of the children can be created by themselves! Golden Int'l specially arranges to learn the correct posture performance comprehensive education, in joy improve children walking, etc. posture, enjoy life, enjoy life; Oct. 1, 2020 Start Register
Light pace! The small sika deer walked out the light pace, the onlooking lillte friends all flared the eyes, and expressions of surprise were on their faces ... The small sika deer was beautiful ... Walk out of personal style, showing a different temperament, just right performance and so on... Sep. 1, 2020 Start Register
Happy laughter! The little praying mantis is extremely happy and laughs happily, because it has learned and mastered the ability to survive, and it has been praised by parents. Proud of yourself! Golden Int'l special arranges performance comprehensive education, to learn correct postures, etc., improve children postures, correct postures, give children a happy... Aug. 1, 2020 Start Register
Walk out of style! Show temperament, gain self-confidence ... In normal walking, constantly correct the wrong walking posture, maintain the correct walking posture, improve temperament, self-confidence, show oneself temperament, sunshine, infect other children, enjoy learning, life, happy growth, and happy childhood... Jul. 1, 2020 Start Register
Good temperament! Every child should continue to learn, improve, and achieve a good temperament. Because children have a good temperament, not only is beneficial to the healthy growth of young children...
A bright smile! The little deer heard her mother's faintly call, she raised her head and looked in the direction of the sound, except for the quiet tree, the green grass, and no see her mother. She thought it was her hallucination, so she continued Play ...
Cute kittens! The beautiful kitten is very clever. As long as the little owner is at home, they are inseparable. The little owner does his homework, the kitten jumps to the desk, sits right in front of the little owner's eyes, and has big smart eyes, staring at the little owner. As if urging ...
Show the style! Do you know how to show your style correctly? Whenever, ask the children, each of them the face shows I do not know... and some children even ask: how to show it? Show your style, of course, oneself walk the posture also is essential, and very important...
The confidence! Many children lack self-confidence, why? Because, children's self-confidence is not born. It is the day after tomorrow. After continuous to do exercise, the gradually formed.
Correct walk the posture! Walk is an essential exercise that every child needs to perform every day. But is the child's walking posture correct? Many parents and children will be surprised. What is right and wrong walk the posture, when walking?
The eagle is flying high! The little eagle is very envious of his brother, the ability of my sisters, flying in the blue sky, flying wings , painting the sun in a while, showing the mountains in a while..., beautiful...
Beautiful little squirrel! The autumn the leaves, under the command of the wind and rain, like covered the earth with a thick layer of quilts, colorful, shining in the sunlight... The little squirrels ran on this special quilt, in the behind of little squirrels, the noise of the leaves, the air filled with the happiness, friendship...
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