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Diligent little eagle! The little eagle is very diligent, practicing his own flying every day, eager to one day be able to spread his wings and fly freely in the sky. The little eagle is very envious of his old brother and sister's ability. In the blue sky, like an eagle, they spread own wings and roams the blue sky.
Autumn down leaves! Autumn leaves, under the command of wind and rain, cover the earth with a thick quilt of leaves, colorful and dazzling under the sunlight, beautiful little squirrels are in this special On the quilt, running happily, leaving behind the noise of the leaves twittering, the air is filled with joy, friendship, and happiness.
Walking out your own style! Every child should learn the correct walking posture, the correct walking posture can show the child's own comprehensive temperament. Moreover, the walking posture of children directly affects the growth and health of children.
Beautiful the fresh flowers! The bunny was running fast, because it heard the mother's call, but, running and running, the speed slowed down, and then, the bunny stopped running, and both ears perked up. Because, the baby bunny heard the laughter, and then heard the dialogue, is from the dialogue between the mother rabbit and the father rabbit, ...
Favorite! Whenever ask the children, what is their own favorite? There are various answers, but many children answered in unison: mobile phone. The mobile phone is the favorite of every child. The mobile phone has the latest stories, problem-solving methods, novel games, beautiful cartoon pictures, ...
Are walking posture correctly? When it comes to walking posture, many people say that it is innate and cannot be changed, but it is not. Although each child walks posture in a different way, is the walking posture correct? The correct answer is: incorrect, there exist some wrong in the way walking posture.
Spread wings fly high! The little eagle is very envious of the eagle brother and the eagle sisters, because all of them have the ability, in the blue sky, spread their wings and fly, draw the sun for a while, show the mountains for a while..., very beautiful , the little eagle couldn't wait to ask Brother Ying, when will he be able to fly into the blue sky?!
My lovely mobile phone! The mobile phone is the favorite of every child, with novel games, cartoon pictures, and also can contact with other children. Children often play with mobile phones and linger. Every child said invariably: I like playing with mobile phone! Many parents are worried and worried about this, but they are helpless...
Be courteous! Children should learn to be polite and show their good temperament. Etiquette and morality are no exception to young children, polite and moral young children are loved by everyone. However, polite children are not born, so children should learn early and master etiquette and morality, which is of great significance to children's growth.
Thanks! Nancy smiled and gave Tom a hug, Tom shook his hand, and quickly replied: You're welcome, this is what I should do... Although is a child, but is very polite and praised by parents... It is very important to cultivate politeness in children from an early age. Children grow, the seed of courtesy grows and grows, blossoms and bears fruit...
Happy laughter! Create happy laughter yourself, take away your own troubles, and replace it with joy, often happy laughing, because laughter is also the pillar of survival, keep a happy attitude, study hard, and master the survival skills, will surely be praised by parents, and you will be proud of yourself by recalling the difficulties you have encountered in your studies,...
Correct the posture! Correct posture is very important. Maintaining a correct posture is conducive to obtaining health, especially for young children, healthy growth requires maintaining a correct posture. The bunny's ears stand up, the bunny is running fast, because it heard the mother's call, but, running and running, the speed slows down, next, the bunny does not run...
Smart kitty! The beautiful little cat is very clever. As long as the little master is at home, he will stay inseparable. When the little master does his homework, the little cat jumps to the desk and sits right in front of the little master, with big clever eyes, staring at the little master, as if urging.
Work hard! All efforts will achieve good results. Although sometimes you can't see the results temporarily, don't give up, persevere, continue to work hard, and welcome the good results. The little rose tree is frowning, because the aphids are madly destroying the blooming buds.
Walking out the right posture! Please believe, your own can walking out of your own right posture and stay away from cancer! Many people are dubious, talking to themselves quietly, and walking the posture, how can it be related to cancer?
Confidence! The self-confidence of children is very important. When the self-confidence is displayed freely, child will surpass other children in many ways. The correct posture brings children self-confidence, good health, learning progress, etc., it has endless benefits for child, and can be said that will benefit a lot in child the life.
Happy little bee! The little bee is very naughty. When the mother asks the little bee to work with his old brother and sisters, the little bee always blinks playfully, and then happily participates in the honey gathering.
Thank you! To politely thank other children for their help, or politely decline the help of others, is a skill that every child should learn and master. Thank you for your help, but I can do it! Thank others politely for their help, to learn your own things and do it yourself...
Travel in the ocean of knowledge! Knowledge, endless knowledge, is the spiritual food, posture knowledge, etiquette knowledge, model knowledge, etc. that every child needs to obtain. It guides, helps, and supports the healthy and happy growth of children.
The fragrance of roses! The little rose tree is frowning, because the aphids are madly destroying the blooming buds of roses. The little rose tree has politely talked to the aphids, asking them not to destroy it, and when the flowers bloom, it will bring beauty to everyone, but The aphids still go their own way.
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