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Cut to the topic! In the face of unfamiliar people, can you use your own words to immediately cut to the topic? On the stage of the speech, gestures, postures, etiquette, etc., directly affect the effect of the speech, give a minute of opportunity, can teenager introduce themselves naturally?
Proud temperament! Teenager temperament cannot be ignored, and having a good temperament can play a plus role in all aspects of teenagers. Every teenager, if they can consciously maintain, walk out of their own style, and show a proud temperament, is a great help to themselves.
Real winner! The growth of every teenager will inevitably encounter all kinds of setbacks, failures, and even blows, and abnormal emotions, including depression, regret, annoyance, rage, etc., will not help. Conversely, serious examine the reasons for failure, learn lessons in time, study hard, overcome difficulties with wisdom...
Good posture! Can teenagers show their own graceful posture and decent temperament freely? Incorrect posture of teenagers will not only affect their own appearance, but also affect the health of teenagers. Showing their own sunshine, cheerfulness and vigor just right, giving the public positive energy...
The pillar talent! In the eyes of teen, there is a clear distinction between dead wood and pillar talent. Every teenager hopes to become a pillar talent of tomorrow, and no one wants to be a dead wood. The goal is right, and the effort will be able to achieve your own right goal.
Take your chance! Give you a minute can introduce yourself naturally? In the face of unfamiliar people, can you use your own words to cut into the theme immediately? Teenagers need to master and improve their psychological quality, body quality, ability quality and comprehensive quality...
Natural introduction! Give you a minute chance to introduce yourself in a natural way? Many teen talked in front of their own classmates, but when faced with the interview and gave a speech in full view, they immediately lost their former demeanor.
Correct the error! Is it possible to correct mistakes consciously by oneself, can do it? It's not easy in fact. Many teen make mistakes and are unwilling to admit their own mistakes. They feel not good, some teen don't even admit it, let the scenes are very embarrassing.
Correct walking posture! What is the correct walking posture? Many teenagers dont know the correct walking posture. Some students often laugh at other students ugly walking posture, but they dont know that their own walking posture is not good too, even is the bow-legs.
Opportunity! The opportunity to participate in a variety of interview is the best stage for teen to show themselves. To participate in conversation is the best stage to show their own speech skills, and to participate in important the interview is also a rare opportunity to show their expressive skills.
Dedication! As long as everyone can give a little love, the world will become more beautiful. Teenagers should have selfless fraternity heart, selflessly dedicate their own the fraternity to their own families, communities, and society, and use their meager power to help those in need as much as possible...
Show proud temperament! Walking out of your own style, show proud temperament, every teenager can do it, and it's very easy. Regarding ordinary life and learning environment as a big stage to show oneself, you can give play to your ingenuity every day...
For 60 seconds, let your own nervous mood return to calm, anxious faces, or nervous faces, or angry faces, or panicked faces, etc., immediately show a bright smile, full of confidence, a vigorous look, etc.
Posture! What is your correct posture? Why is it important to maintain the correct posture? Often worry about these questions, but can't find the correct answer. Don't worry, you can find the answer by looking in the mirror. When teenagers walk, they walking wrong posture and walking out...
Just appropriately! All kinds of interviews are the best stage for showing oneself, talking with people, is the best for showing ones speech ability, participating in important interviews is a rare opportunity to show ones own expression ability, etc.
Full of confidence! Every teen must be full of self-confidence in himself, because the self-confidence sent to the heart and manifesting their own spirit is an important and indispensable factor in overcoming difficulties and striving for victory!
Show correct posture! Is posture important? Many adolescents and their parents disagree and mistakenly believe that as long as teen have good grades, all will fine. As for the walking out posture, the upright posture, and the attitude to meet with people, they can be ignored.
Opportunity for life! Still complaining? Jealous of the progress of other students, complaining about the unfairness of the teacher, etc. In fact, the opportunities in life are equal. Many people's wonderful performances in front of the public...
Appropriate to showing! The posture of the speech is very important. This includes the speaker's standing posture, colorful facial expressions, hands movements, the speaker's walking around in the speech, the speaker through his own distinctive body Language...
Please dedicate own the fraternity heart! Because, as long as everyone dedicates a little love, the world will become more beautiful! Intolerance among teen often occurs, even ridicule, incorrect posture to classmates, often unfriendly ridicule, or whispering
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