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Can your own do it? 60 seconds, let your own tense mood calm down, let your own anxious face, or tense face, or angry face, or panic face, etc., immediately show a bright smile, full of confidence, a vigorous look, etc. , can your own do it? To show their best demeanor under the eyes of the public, ...
Survival the skills! What is teens correct posture? Why is it important to maintain correct posture? Teenagers often struggle with these questions and cannot find the right answers. Many teens don't even know they're walking incorrectly.
Beautiful voice! Teenagers often have many questions, similar to: Why does one's own voice sound bad? Why is walking posture important? Why do one's own feel out of breath and tired when giving a speech? Why do one's own need to show one's own eyes, gestures and gestures appropriately...
Why go off topic! No matter in a speech or a conversation, it is necessary to be able to cut into the topic naturally and immediately. However, for many teenagers, it is very difficult, because if they do not master it well, they often go off topic etc.
Posture! Does Posture Matter? Can their own show out your own correct posture? Many teenagers and their parents have long dismissed it, and even mistakenly believed that teenagers only need good grades to be fine, as for walking posture, sitting posture, receiving people and to handle things, etc., they can be ignored.
Wonderful performance! Can you be done? Performing wonderful performances, many teenagers are unable to do it, thinking it is too difficult, and many teenagers often complain, there is no reason to be jealous of the progress of other students, complain about the unfairness of the teacher, and so on.
Speech pose! The posture of teens participating in presentations is very important! The posture of the speech includes the speaker's standing posture, colorful facial expressions, the movement of the hands, the speaker's free movement, walking around the podium, and the speaker's unique and wonderful body language, constantly attracting the attention of the audience, giving full play to show out himself appropriately to the greatest extent.
The source of power! Adolescents should be full of self-confidence, believe in their abilities, study hard, and constantly improve their psychological quality, physical quality, ability quality and their overall quality, have good quality, can give themselves strength, their own good quality is also their own source of the power.
Stay away from bow legs! Before you know it, the beautiful legs appeared out bow legs. Because of the existence of bow legs, the walking posture is not correct, and it is often accompanied by fall east west crooked, which greatly affects the external image of teenagers.
Stay healthy! Health, for teenagers, is very important. Having a healthy body is the foundation of teenage success. Because teenagers have a healthy body, they can participate in school energetically and participate in a variety of study activities. Maintaining the correct posture is indispensable for obtaining a healthy body,...
Change to and show yourself Teenager often answers that your own can't do it, or can't do it well, etc. It doesn't matter, Golden Int'l can educate teen, learn and master Golden Int'l Mobile Health Life Science the application knowledge, targeted for your own protect their own health, improve your own overall quality, change to and show yourself.
Don't envy others! Are their own still envious of other teenagers? No need, believe in your potential, as long as you work hard, you can: Always walking out of your own style, show your smile, maintain your own correct posture, improve your psychological quality, physical quality, ability quality and their own overall quality.
Cut to the topic! In the face of unfamiliar people, can you use your own words to immediately cut to the topic? On the stage of the speech, gestures, postures, etiquette, etc., directly affect the effect of the speech, give a minute of opportunity, can teenager introduce themselves naturally?
Proud temperament! Teenager temperament cannot be ignored, and having a good temperament can play a plus role in all aspects of teenagers. Every teenager, if they can consciously maintain, walk out of their own style, and show a proud temperament, is a great help to themselves.
Real winner! The growth of every teenager will inevitably encounter all kinds of setbacks, failures, and even blows, and abnormal emotions, including depression, regret, annoyance, rage, etc., will not help. Conversely, serious examine the reasons for failure, learn lessons in time, study hard, overcome difficulties with wisdom...
Good posture! Can teenagers show their own graceful posture and decent temperament freely? Incorrect posture of teenagers will not only affect their own appearance, but also affect the health of teenagers. Showing their own sunshine, cheerfulness and vigor just right, giving the public positive energy...
The pillar talent! In the eyes of teen, there is a clear distinction between dead wood and pillar talent. Every teenager hopes to become a pillar talent of tomorrow, and no one wants to be a dead wood. The goal is right, and the effort will be able to achieve your own right goal.
Take your chance! Give you a minute can introduce yourself naturally? In the face of unfamiliar people, can you use your own words to cut into the theme immediately? Teenagers need to master and improve their psychological quality, body quality, ability quality and comprehensive quality...
Natural introduction! Give you a minute chance to introduce yourself in a natural way? Many teen talked in front of their own classmates, but when faced with the interview and gave a speech in full view, they immediately lost their former demeanor.
Correct the error! Is it possible to correct mistakes consciously by oneself, can do it? It's not easy in fact. Many teen make mistakes and are unwilling to admit their own mistakes. They feel not good, some teen don't even admit it, let the scenes are very embarrassing.
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