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Appropriate to showing! The posture of the speech is very important. This includes the speaker's standing posture, colorful facial expressions, hands movements, the speaker's walking around in the speech, the speaker through his own distinctive body Language...
Please dedicate own the fraternity heart! Because, as long as everyone dedicates a little love, the world will become more beautiful! Intolerance among teen often occurs, even ridicule, incorrect posture to classmates, often unfriendly ridicule, or whispering
Stay away from the bow-legs! Because of the bow-legs, lead to walking posture is not correct, and it is often accompanied by wrong, which greatly affects the external image of young people. Because teen tolerance is very limited
Correct posture! A healthy body is the foundation of young people. To have a healthy body, to be able to participate in learning, participate in various extracurricular activities... Maintaining the correct posture is indispensable for obtaining a healthy body,
Are you ready? Excuse me, are you ready? Because opportunities always belong to those who are prepared! Many teenagers like to complain, hate opening the back door, and express anger towards many things.
Smile write on face! Are you still envious of other teenagers? Believe in your own potential, as long as you learn hard, you can: Walk out of your own style, show your own smile, and maintain your own correct posture. Every teen can do it.
There are no hardships things in the world, afraid of people with heart only! Faced with difficulties, helplessness is a difficult problem faced by many young people. In many cases, parents have given help. In invisible, teenagers have lost oneself chances to solve difficult problems ... So teens need learning improving self-solving ability in a timely manner... Dec. 1, 2020 Start Register
My tomorrow, I hard work! The darkness before dawn breeds the morning sun ... In the face of opportunities, calm, comfortable, just show oneself, you are already have knocked open the door to success; Learning, mastering to improve oneself the attitude, etc., comprehensive quality, will getting health, wisdom, beauty, etc... Nov. 1, 2020 Start Register
Correct display oneself! Why do I need to properly performance oneself the eyes, hand posture? Why can't my speech attract the attention of students? Why is my voice not good for listen? Why is the posture of walking important? Why do feel breathless and tired when giving a speech? Oct. 1, 2020 Start Register
Cut into the topic! In the face of the strange crowd, can you use your own words to cut into the topic immediately? Many teenagers boast in front of their classmates, gleeful, but when face-to-face interviews, speaking face the eyes of everyone, immediately lose the style of the past, changed to shivering... Sep. 1, 2020 Start Register
Today, I am a little tree! Facing strange crowds, being able to use oneself words, immediately cut into the theme, is very importance ... On the stage of the speech, raise hand posture, etiquette, etc., which directly affects the effect of the speech; So, young people must learn, master, improve oneself psychological qualities, physical qualities, ability qualities and the comprehensive qualities... Aug. 1, 2020 Start Register
Opportunity! Give you one minute, can introduce yourself naturally? Facing a strange crowd, can use oneself words to cut into the subject immediately? Improve oneself the psychological quality, physical quality, ability quality, comprehensive qualities, etc ... Being able to freely display oneself beautiful posture, good the temperament is very important ... Jul. 1, 2020 Start Register
Successful speech! Teens often encounter a variety of speeches, debates ... at school, becoming the final winner, not only eloquence, but also the standing posture of the speech, the gesture performance on the podium...
Is my stand posture right? Please stand up a little more straight, please stand up a little more straight, keep it ..., the teacher is taking the trouble to patient instruct the student over and over again, because the incorrect walk posture, the 1.85-meter-tall classmate...
Excellent posture! Correct walk posture, giving teens a sense of vitality, spirit ..., incorrect walk posture, harming the young people's body, affecting the comprehensive quality of young people, the formation of ring-shaped legs, humpback, oblique shoulders ...
Walk out of health! Many teenagers don't take it for granted that they are growing physically and that their health is taken for granted. Many parents also think that teenage health is related to nutrition, It doesn't matter with teenage walk posture....
Cut to the topic! Given only 3 to 5 minutes, can be able to introduce myself excellently, comprehensively and completely. Can do it? All the teenage looked at each other, no one can answer...
Right posture! Inadvertently, the incorrect walk posture is already hurting the teenager's body ... At first, it sounds alarmist, but if you carefully look at the current general health of the teenager, it should not be difficult to understand. Correctly walk posture is very important...
Appropriate display! The gesture of the speech is very important, including standing posture, facial expressions, hands movements, free movement steps, walking around in the speech, constantly attracting the attention of the audience...
As long as everyone gives a little love! Making an unfriendly gesture, for the classmate's incorrect posture, or whispering, it is seems to be a trivial little action, but it hurts a lot of teenagers, especially face introverted youth...
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