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Careful arrangements! Learn speech, correct posture, decent etiquette, and be able to express yourself naturally in important situations. Their own should master continuously improve your psychological quality, physical quality, ability quality and other comprehensive qualities, and gain health, wisdom, beauty, etc.
Encourage! Teenagers are prone to intolerance and often even ridicule their classmates for their incorrect postures. They often make unfriendly laughs or whispers. These actions may seem like trivial actions, but they are very hurtful to their teenage classmates. Teen, especially those who are originally more introverted, ...
The Introverted the behavior! Wrong walking posture has unknowingly caused bow-legged appearance on the beautiful legs of many teenagers. Because of the bow legs and incorrect walking posture, they are often accompanied by staggering, which greatly affects the external image of teenagers.
Bonus points for yourself! When teenagers can freely take the right steps in front of everyone, show appropriate conversation, and answer questions calmly, it is a very rare self-performance. Every teenager should cherish this opportunity and contribute, to add your own points.
Sunshine after the rain! What should their own do when lightning, thunder, and violent storms impact the earth and destroy all living things, making it impossible to escape and causing damage? Every time after a storm, a rainbow appears in the sky. It is colorful and extremely enchanting.
Potential power! Still envious of other teenagers? Its not necessary. Believe in your own potential. As long as their own hard, one's own can do: Always show your own style, show out your smile, maintain your correct posture, and improve your psychological quality, physical quality, ability quality and your overall quality.
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