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Smart kitty! The beautiful little cat is very clever. As long as the little master is at home, he will stay inseparable. When the little master does his homework, the little cat jumps to the desk and sits right in front of the little master, with big clever eyes, staring at the little master, as if urging
The big stage in the heart! Show yourself, show own best side, add points for your own words and deeds, applaud your performance, can you do it? This is a life lesson that every kid should learn. The big stage for kids is in their hearts, happily stepping out of their own style, happily showing their own temperament...
Correct walking posture! What is the correct walking posture? Many teenagers don’t know the correct walking posture. Some students often laugh at other students’ ugly walking posture, but they don’t know that their own walking posture is not good too, even is the bow-legs.
The lotus is in full bloom! In the fish pond in front of the door, the lotus is in full bloom, the lotus leaves are green, the big goldfish is leisurely roaming, the little goldfish is quietly following, one by one many fishes to link, very beautiful, suddenly, the big goldfish makes a 180-degree turn, completely disrupting the little goldfish arranged...
Fly in the ideal sky! What is your ideal? The ideal is the kids the own hope, looking forward to one day, like an eagle, flying in the ideal sky! With correct guidance, every kid can make progress every day and show himself.
Show proud temperament! Walking out of your own style, show proud temperament, every teenager can do it, and it's very easy. Regarding ordinary life and learning environment as a big stage to show oneself, you can give play to your ingenuity every day...
On the field of hope! The fragrant soil, the fresh air, the love of the sun, the blowing of the morning breeze, the grassy path, everything is still so alluring, full of summer fairy tale world! It is a continuation of reverie, lingering, beautiful fields, the generosity of nature, the diligent farming of the people...
To know pine noble, wait until the snow melts! The cedar pine is not afraid of wind and snow, blowing in the wind, emerald green, decorated with mountains, like as a huge link, linking thousands of rivers and mountains, majestic and magnificent, cedar's tall and straight...
Smiling to face difficult! For teen, encounter various difficulties every day. Can smile to face difficult? Many teenagers cannot do it, are often overwhelmed by difficulties. Teen should cheer up, smile to face difficulties!
Warning! Because obesity, result in children have introverted personality and behavior. Obesity in children will not only cause many diseases and threaten children more and more, but also, obese children often have to face other children, worldly ridicule laugh and Irony, etc.
The spring breeze blow and growth again! Failure is cruel, for kids, an unsatisfactory test result is unacceptable. However, instead of caring about failure, it is better to concentrate on finding the real reason for the failure, take strict precautions...
Reading! The sound of reading is fascinating and affectionate. Readers are engrossed, completely immersed in the context of the story. The listeners are all attentively, are like entering a beautiful dream, moved by the wonderful content of the book...
Smile send away the tears! What to do when children encounter difficulties? Often due to grievances, can't help but shed tears, let the tears take away yourself unhappiness, troubles, etc. Let smile to face difficult, overcome difficulties, and achieve success.
Create happy by yourself! are you happy? Because a small thing happens, it is not worthwhile to change your mood from happiness to anger or sadness. You should keep creating your own good mood.
Selfless dedication! teens often like quibble, always afraid their own be fooled. Although teens chant every day to cherish friendship, but actually selfish and always put themselves first...contradictory words and deeds.
Friendship! Friendship is very important. The friendship between red flowers and green leaves can be reflected. Many children came to the garden and saw the red flowers blooming in full bloom.
Beautiful language! Every kid should learn to cherish pure friendship with beautiful language. Because childhood life is full of longing, happiness, longing and so on. Every kid has his own little wish every day...
Learn hard! Because there is no free pie to fall off from the sky, don’t expect to get good grades if your own don’t work hard. If a teen speaks coldly with his classmates, of course this teen has no teen's friends.
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