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Smile send away the tears! What to do when children encounter difficulties? Often due to grievances, can't help but shed tears, let the tears take away yourself unhappiness, troubles, etc. Let smile to face difficult, overcome difficulties, and achieve success.
Create happy by yourself! are you happy? Because a small thing happens, it is not worthwhile to change your mood from happiness to anger or sadness. You should keep creating your own good mood.
Selfless dedication! teens often like quibble, always afraid their own be fooled. Although teens chant every day to cherish friendship, but actually selfish and always put themselves first...contradictory words and deeds.
Friendship! Friendship is very important. The friendship between red flowers and green leaves can be reflected. Many children came to the garden and saw the red flowers blooming in full bloom.
Beautiful language! Every kid should learn to cherish pure friendship with beautiful language. Because childhood life is full of longing, happiness, longing and so on. Every kid has his own little wish every day...
Learn hard! Because there is no free pie to fall off from the sky, don’t expect to get good grades if your own don’t work hard. If a teen speaks coldly with his classmates, of course this teen has no teen's friends.
Create happiness! I create happiness, I am happy every day ... Smiling is easy. Even a tearful smile can help you forget your troubles in time, calm down your anger, treat the problem with an inclusive attitude, solve the problem with goodwill, selfless, fraternity... Dec. 1, 2020 Start Register
Golden sunshine! In daily work and life, every day must face dealing with people, talking, discussing, etc., all the essence is to show the quality and temperament of a person ... and often the opportunities given to by this occasion are all very short ... Sometimes only 3 to 5 minutes, so in such a short time, it is difficult to fully express yourself... Nov. 1, 2020 Start Register
The happily tears took away the trouble! Irony, sneer, etc., occurs frequently among kids. In addition to ignorance, it also blocks oneself free speech while satires other partners. It has led to that many children dare not express their wishes, because they are afraid to make mistakes, produce fear, introverted behavior... Oct. 1, 2020 Start Register
Youth is not keep far away! Although already is far from school, but can still maintains youth! Participate in learn and master Golden Int'l Mobile Health and Life Science the application knowledge, targeted for oneself to far away from insomnia the knowledge! Keep happy, relax yourself, walk out of the right posture, show the right temperament ... Sep. 1, 2020 Start Register
Happy little angel! Every child has love, willing to help others, like a beautiful and happy little angel, stretches out his little hands, helps other children, even unfamiliar children. Learn to help other children with selfless love , Use your own kind smile to show friendship to other children, stay away from introverted behavior in happiness ... Aug. 1, 2020 Start Register
The attitude! There is no need to envy the elegant gestures of others ... On various occasions, properly show oneself postures, even in the face of difficulties, and the face of troubles, frustration, and failure. To be a true wise man, anyone can do it! Maintain confidence and hope at all times. Even in the face of setbacks, can calm oneself fevered mind, look at the world clearly, find the right direction to work harder ... Jul. 1, 2020 Start Register
Health? ! When talk the health, many teens will laughing, in their opinion, paying attention to health is something that older people should care about, and has nothing to do with themselves! However, when teens see that more and more teenagers suddenly died due to some reason, the situation changed dramatically.
I love autumn! It is in the harvest season, the fragrance of fruits is in the air, and the mountains and the land are colorful, everywhere showing fruitful, and let people intoxicating... The kids are the favorite harvest season, showing child likeness, shuttles in the idyllic fruit forest and plays in the beautiful autumn scenery...
The little squirrel laughed! Falling from the tree again, this is the Nth time, because the quarrel with his old brother, so the little squirrel's old brother, very angry refused to teach the little squirrel to climb the tree ...
Wrong given us enlightenment! The volleyball match between grades was over, the whole class was unhappy. Because, they already won the first and second games. Because the referee misjudged a ball, then the players tell the judged, results were unsuccessful.
Good childhood! Under the care of the sun, children grow up carefree and healthy, full of joy every day, the joy of childhood, even when the exam is near, the homework is tight, but the students are still together, still have endless surprises, did not finish listening stories, in happy, help each other ...
Embrace friendship! Children's friendship is pure, simple, wave of their hands, or showing their bright smile, or giving a warm hug ... Extending oneself the hands, giving other children the help, oneself can, enhancing friendship in joy, improving themselves, It's so much more ...
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