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Cherish health! Everyone knows that health first, but why are more and more people suffering from diseases unfortunately, lose the health? Face every person who died prematurely due to disease is always saddened and regretful... Because, health is something that everyone needs to cherish...
Stay young! The passage of time is amazing, and sometimes because of something unpleasant, it seems like one night, the whole person old more over decades old... Everyone must protect their own youth, no matter when and where, no matter how difficult the situation is, still keep their own smile and protect their own youth.
Sunset is unlimited good! However, many people really don't think much of it, and are inexplicably afraid. Some people even like to compare the rising sun with the sunset, and the conclusion is that the rising sun is far better than the setting sun. However, people forget that the unique advantages of sunset.
Cancer is not a terminal illness! Whenever facing a person who has unfortunately developed cancer, people's heart is very heavy, and there is no other behavior except sympathy and pity. In fact, for people with cancer, what they need most is support, encouragement, and cheer.
Change! Stop complaining, because complaining is wasting their own energy, draining their own spirit, and frustrating their own courage. Own move hands, create happiness, and let happiness surround your own. No matter how unsatisfactory it is, no matter how hard, ...
Smile brightly! Can do it, make yourself laugh, really laugh from the heart? Must learn and master to create happiness for yourself every day, without any reason, let yourself a smile, completely relaxed, smile brightly, as if back to innocent childhood, unrestrained joy, innocent and lively, recite a poem, sing a song song, and own also intoxicated with joy.
Effort = hope! As long as you work hard, there is always hope! . Teens often have to deal with setbacks, failures, many teens are depressed, anger fills their own brain, over time, disease-ridden, really lost everything! Therefore, keeping healthy for teenagers is a magic weapon for overcoming difficulties...
Good neighbor! Grass and pine trees are neighbors and good neighbors. One day, the pine tree was happily talking to the grass and sharing his story. Pines told little grass that he was cedar, and asked loudly: Do you know the pride of Cedar? The little grasses listened with relish and were all moved, and said in unison: I love you, noble cedar!
Face difficulties with a smile! What should children do when they encounter difficulties, they often show embarrassed emotions. Sometimes because of grievances, they can't help shedding tears. Let the smile take away the children's unhappiness and troubles, and welcome the children's joy. Every child is very smart and can use his own wisdom, smile to solve difficulties!
The truth! Sticking to the truth should be the motto of every teenager in doing things. As the saying goes: the lotus leaves the mud without staining! However, in reality, it takes courage for teen to stick to the truth! Following what others say, becoming a grass on the wall, falling on both sides when the wind blows...
Colorful! Kids work together to draw a colorful world together! Learn to use kind humor, resolve conflicts, use happiness to eliminate anger, troubles, use praise to gain friendship, create and provide a good environment for kids, learn happy sketches Golden Int'l comprehensive performance...
Beautiful language! Speak the language that pleases the listener, and make the conversation a friendly exchange and a friendly transmission, every child can do it. When life is full of sunshine, the living environment is healthy and vibrant, and people are more mutual, help and love each other.
Smart kitty! The beautiful little cat is very clever. As long as the little master is at home, he will stay inseparable. When the little master does his homework, the little cat jumps to the desk and sits right in front of the little master, with big clever eyes, staring at the little master, as if urging
The big stage in the heart! Show yourself, show own best side, add points for your own words and deeds, applaud your performance, can you do it? This is a life lesson that every kid should learn. The big stage for kids is in their hearts, happily stepping out of their own style, happily showing their own temperament...
Correct walking posture! What is the correct walking posture? Many teenagers dont know the correct walking posture. Some students often laugh at other students ugly walking posture, but they dont know that their own walking posture is not good too, even is the bow-legs.
The lotus is in full bloom! In the fish pond in front of the door, the lotus is in full bloom, the lotus leaves are green, the big goldfish is leisurely roaming, the little goldfish is quietly following, one by one many fishes to link, very beautiful, suddenly, the big goldfish makes a 180-degree turn, completely disrupting the little goldfish arranged...
Fly in the ideal sky! What is your ideal? The ideal is the kids the own hope, looking forward to one day, like an eagle, flying in the ideal sky! With correct guidance, every kid can make progress every day and show himself.
Show proud temperament! Walking out of your own style, show proud temperament, every teenager can do it, and it's very easy. Regarding ordinary life and learning environment as a big stage to show oneself, you can give play to your ingenuity every day...
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