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Golden Int'l Body Health Language Teacher

Golden Intl is an Intl Healthy Film, Healthy Dance, Healthy Language Comprehensive University, current location is in New York, etc. Facing to global public carry out free universal education Golden Intl Mobile Health Life Science the Application, Targeted for Self-protect Oneself Health, and Self-protect Global Public the Health Correct Modern Knowledge. 

Make Full Use of Unique Golden Intl Health Language, to educate and Cultivate Golden Intl Mobile Health Life Science the Application, targeted for self-protect oneself health correct modern knowledge self-protect the global public the health, the Intl Professional Health Educative Talent, the Intl Professional Health Research Talent the Cradle.

Golden IntĄŻl owns Golden IntĄŻl Free Education, Golden IntĄŻl Film Academy, Golden IntĄŻl Dance Academy, Golden IntĄŻl Language Academy, Golden IntĄŻl League Education, etc.

Find Golden Intl Body Health Language Teachers (Employment) 

Golden Intl  is currently seeking energetic responsible and professional Golden Intl Body Health Language Teachers for teaching in the following areas:


Teaching Intl standard, Jazz, Ballet, Hip-Hop,  Flamenco, Belly and etc. by recording course used English language


Essential qualifications for this job are:

1. Must be Native English speakers from America, UK, Canada etc.

2. Must have bachelor degree or higher

3. At least 2 years working experience in teaching dances

4. Part-Time and Full-Time Positions are both currently available

To inquire about these positions please send resume by e-mail with e-mail:

first, then wait, if we are interest in, we will make an appointment with you as soon as for an interview 

If you get a chance to  interview please pick up:

1. Your original passport  with a copy 

2. A resume 

3. Original certificate of bachelor diploma and up with one set copy

Golden International Language Academy

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