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Children students still attend two classes a day, and each class lasts 25 minutes (10): 8. Learning time: Just started studying, and attends two classes a day, but each lesson time for twenty- five the minutes. As gradually improve, and master the Golden Int'l Health Language,


8. Study time:


Student just started to study, took two lessons every day, and each lesson was forty-five minutes.


With gradual improve, already master Golden Int'l Health Language, all the actions essentials in place, student can use normal speed make the correct movements continuously, and while follow the music naturally, humming out the music, or use your own mouth count the beats.


Must still participate in two lessons each day, but each lesson time for twenty the minutes.  Must following Golden Int'l education the requirement:  When student own body to heat up and sweat slightly, just fine.


Must wary:


A. Forbid:  Body put to excessive sweating.


B. Forbid:  when feet pedal ground, make noise, when clap hands make noise.


Every day must continue to Golden Int'l Brain Health Language, Golden Int'l Eye Health Language, and Golden Int'l Body Health Language run through into oneself normal thinking and behaviors.


Can gradually acquire: correct, timely, and artificially change own the human body surviving environment, until it appears a suitable state, oneself the human body appears a healthy state, and keeps oneself joy, orderly learn, life, active prevention of disease, enjoy a happy and healthy life!

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