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Correctly, actively prevent the COVID-19 epidemic disease In the struggle against various diseases, Mankind continually overcome diseases and move on. Human beings today should cherish health, and keep oneself immunity to keep up with the times!


1. Correct facing the COVID-19 epidemic disease:

Everyone all get as panic to appear out throughout the world, the public are real scaring and panicking by the COVID-19 epidemic disease. Many people were also already confused and always suspected that oneself the also had the COVID-19 epidemic disease;

It even appears that many people have unnecessarily doubts about others. If a colleague has a short-term contact with a COVID-19 epidemic patient, and the person still oneself feels good, however, still is accused of by others and forced to do test,  until get a negative of test result and prove that are not infected.

Some people just test appeared positive, forced must automatically conduct isolate. Those who have been contacted with the person, some in contact before a few days ago, all must be tested.

Don't know when people will have unwritten reveries, speculating: As long as  have been on the same occasion as those who tested positive, then suspect the person is a COVID-19 epidemic disease patient!!

This speculation is not scientifically justified and its irresponsible behavior!

First of all:  Test positive person, are only suspected to be carriers of the COVID-19 epidemic disease. If oneself the have a good immunity, should take a serious check at oneself recent irregular life or work. For example:

Face stressful work, or continuous overtime work;

Or something happened in the home that led to excessive labor

Or something happened that caused a sudden big change in one's mood, extreme anger, or extreme excitement;

Directly affects oneself human body surviving environment, until appears unsuitable!

Make human changes right away:

A. Follow the correct learning methods of Golden Int'l, and participate in Golden Int’l Free Education of every day.

B. Make sure that oneself sleep normally every day and go to bed before 10 o'clock in the evening;

Until the living environment of oneself the human body appear recover, showing a suitable situation, the human body can easily recover, and still able to stay away from the COVID-19 epidemic disease.

Second: It is very easy to become a carrier of a suspicion of the COVID-19 epidemic disease, especially since the true cause of the COVID-19 epidemic disease has not yet been discovered.

Because, everyone is inadvertently came into contact with to a variety of germs every day. The human body always coexists with bacteria. However, when the body the own immunity is not enough to resist the damage of bacteria, it is easy to cause disease.

Besides, contact between people comes in various forms, and it is closely related to the time of contact. Many the contact times are before the person test shows the positive.

Because, under normal circumstances, when people find that oneself bodies are uncomfortable, it is possible to abandon  daily activities and arrange for physical examinations and so on.

Therefore, should not be preconceived, blindly suspect, artificially create a tense atmosphere, induce psychological fear, cause abnormal symptoms in human body, and gradually become patients.

It should be actively advocated to strictly prevent the COVID-19 epidemic disease and be highly vigilant, but it is necessary to adopt the correct prevention methods.

However, it is all the more necessary to put an end to artificial irresponsible suspicion, induce everyone to self-danger, and create excessive nervousness an atmosphere , the result will be counterproductive.

Because when the human body is under a high-stress atmosphere for a long time, it is extremely easy to produce nervousness and anxiety, and it is easy to be accompanied by cranky thoughts and extreme fear.

Seriously hinders people's normal work, disrupts orderly life, etc., which accelerates the destruction of the living environment of the human body and makes the human body very susceptible to disease!

Therefore, a civilized society should put an end to irresponsible suspicions and give everyone the right to judge whether should be tested for the COVID-19 epidemic disease and the right to choose whether to wear a mask.

2. Active prevention

The most important thing for everyone to actively prevent the COVID-19 epidemic disease is to keep up with oneself immunity and keep pace with the times in order to defeat the virus and maintain oneself health! Specifically, should start as follows:

2.1 Keep oneself immunity up keep pace with the times!

The benevolent God gave humanity the most convenient, practical, fair, equal, and economical resources, namely human intelligent the brain, bright eyes, flexible body, and its purpose is: human can save the mankind oneself health!!

2.1.1 The general public

Must persistent! At home or in the office, everyone can actively participate in learn, master Golden Int'l Mobile Health Life Science the application knowledge, target for oneself age crowd  the knowledge, but must strictly follow the correct method given by Golden Int'l.

Fully using oneself the brain, the eyes, and the body to help oneself in a timely manner, can improve immunity, prevent diseases such as COVID-19 epidemic, and protect the health.

Can protect the public the health during work!

2.1.2 Medical staff

For save the US public the health, all medical staffs should actively participate in learn, master Golden Int'l Mobile Health Life Science the application knowledge, targeted for correct disease prevention for each age the knowledge.

Medical staff obtains correct knowledge and can give patients timely:  psychological health treatment, eyes health treatment, body health treatment, in combination with drug treatment, etc., help patients to eliminate fear, overcome disease, and recover soon!

Although due to lack of funding, Golden Int'l Free Education is currently only able to provide public knowledge universal education. However, knowledge about the prevention and treatment of various cancers, obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease and other diseases has been studied out, and is currently waiting for universal education the funding.

In the struggle against various diseases, Mankind continually overcome diseases and move on. Human beings today should cherish health, and keep oneself immunity to keep up with the times. 

3. Participate in learning, master Golden Int'l Mobile Health Life Science the application knowledge. The specific methods are as follows:

3.1 For the correct learning methods for students who are working and leisure, visit the webpage:   


3.2 For the correct learning method for students as teenagers, visit the webpage: 


3.3 For the correct learning method for kids, visit the webpage: 


3.4 For the correct learning method for students as children, visit the webpage: 




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