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Common sense for kid students to protect one's own health (5): Participate in learning and master Golden Int'l Brain Health Language the application knowledge. 6.1.1 must first be correct and work hard to adjust children's own mood. No matter the child's mood is: very sad or unhappy,


6.1 Golden Int'l Brain Health Language:

Participate in learn, master Golden Int'l Brain Health Language the application knowledge, targeted for kid oneself protect their own health the correct modern knowledge:

6.1.1 First of all, must be correct and work hard to adjust the kid own mood. No matter the mood of the kid is: very sad, or very unhappy, or angry, or regretful, or annoyed, or anxious, or abnormally excited, or ecstatic, etc.

It is required to change the kid's mood and mentality in a timely and correct manner, until they show a calm and happy mood, and enjoy participating in the Golden Int'l Free Education.

At the same time, help and inspire kid to think happily that everywhere is full of sunshine, and should immediately join in, use own selfless fraternity heart to create joy, encourage oneself, be grateful for help, be willing to give back, embrace the beauty, enjoy the sun... .

6.1.2 Kid must forget things that make them unpleasant as soon as possible, quickly throw away all their own worries, let smiles be written on their own faces, keep themselves relaxed and happy, show their own smiles on face.

6.1.3 It is required to enter the learning environment immediately, carefree and happily, enjoy music happily, and begin to concentrate on learning.

6.1.4  Born to be useful, immersed in the ocean of knowledge, enjoy the fun of learning, constantly adjust kid psychological, correct kid bad habits, and improve their own body quality, psychological quality, ability quality and overall quality , learn selfless dedication, radiate selfless fraternity heart, and tolerate the shortcomings of other kids...

Use your own selfless fraternity to eliminate hatred, use your own happiness instead of sadness, use your own wisdom to overcome difficulties, use your own efforts to increase vitality and joy for your life, study, and use your own dedication to add glory to the colorful world and many more. 

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