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Participate in the correct learning method for kids (2), according to the personality of kids, choose Golden Int'l Free Education, educational video courses that are suitable for kids. Usually, kids are impatient, or prone to tension when encountering things, ...


4. Right choose education course:

Students must correct to choose participated in Golden Int'l Free Education, the education courses, reach meeting oneself needs.

Kid participates in learning in first-time, must under parents, or guardians help, based on the personality of kid; choose the Golden Int'l Free Education the education course.

Specifically method needs to follow as:

4.1 For kid's students:

4.1.1 In view of is prone to nervous the character, or irritability the character, or those who are apt to show irritability the character, when kid encountering things.  Must require to first choose Golden Int'l Ballet Education the education course, start learn.

4.1.2 Contrary, usually kid personality is relatively stable, and shows no panic when is in trouble, often able to treat oneself and other calmly, first must choose Golden Int'l Jive Education the education course, start learns.

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