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Golden Int'l Body Health Language, the correct learning method for children (6): Strictly follow Golden Int'l Free Education, targeted for common body health education of children, starting from the first unit of educational video course A1, step by step, and gradually mastering the children public education knowledge, add skilled, and continuously improve.


6.3 Golden Int'l Body Health Language

Participate in learning and master Golden Int'l Body Health Language the application knowledge, targeted for student is children, oneself the protect health the common knowledge:

Must strictly follow Golden Int'l Free Education, targeted for kid students the common knowledge, starting learns from the first unit's education course A1, gradually mastering, and proficient.

Every day, followed the education video course carefully and studied twice. The time was arranged one hour after waking up in the morning, two hours after dinner, or two hours before bedtime. Each study session was a class time, and each class was four fifteen minutes.

At the beginning of learn, each student is prone to appearing: feels  courses is unfamiliar, and oneself do the movements also not standard, etc., especially for students who have never participated in the study,  are prone to clutter, and even  when the educational video course  is over, still cannot understand nothing the status.

Whenever this kind of phenomenon occurs, students should comfort oneself  the immediately, don't worry, because the appearance of this situation is very normal, don't need to discourage, must have patience, keep optimistic, actively encourage yourself, treat oneself, and oneself full of confidence.

Must tell oneself the seriously: it doesn't matter, oneself is smart, as long as can strictly follow Golden Int'l Free Education the education video course, after continuous, repeated studies, surely can overcome difficulties and master knowledge.

Keep in a persistent way, every student can gradually change your own do out the action, come from look very ugly, not standard, however, final every student can do out standard the action.

As the saying goes:  Practice makes out perfect! 

Everyone can be able to master the essentials of action, easily show out correct actions.

When student follow Golden Int'l Free Education the education video course to learn actions, while also must learn humming the background music, learn counts the beats.

Student must follow the special steps to learn step by step, the detail is as follows:

6.3.1 Open Golden Int'l Free Education the education video course, correctly adjust the distance between oneself standing position and screen, keep the correct standing position for participate in learning.

The student your own correct standing the location: first, keep your own body stand upright, then eyes must look ahead, until own can see the teacher's eyes from the education video course until.

6.3.2 First student must seriously watch once time the education video course, then replay and following the education video course learn.

6.3.3 Warm-up teaching lesson: Student must follow the warm-up teaching of education video course, imitate and learn the teacher's movements, follow step by step, until oneself can do out of  correctly warm up the actions until.

6.3.4 The new teaching lesson: Student must concentrate on listening to the teacher's lecture, pay special attention, during teaching, the decomposition the movement's teaching and put slow the action's teaching.

Then follow education video course, to do put slow the action, normal the action, follow step by step, until oneself the can make correct normal the action until.

6.3.5 Relaxation teaching lesson:  Student must follow the relaxation teaching of education video course, imitate and learn the teacher's movements, follow step by step, until oneself can do out of correctly relaxation the action until.

6.3.6 Increase: During learning, when the body is strength standing, must keep eyes to watch the background of the forest color of the education video course.

6.3.7 Increase: When follow the education video course learning, at same the time with oneself mouth following teacher to learn count the beats.

6.3.8 Increase:  Follow the background music of education video course to hum, while watching the education video course, and learn actions.

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