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For student is leisure or office worker, the correct method (4): learn Golden Int'l Health Language Participate in learn and master Golden Int'l Eye Health Language the application knowledge, so that your own eyes can always show bright eyes and full of smiles, kindness, fraternity eyes, embrace beautiful things to your heart's content, and praise kind behaviors.


6.2 Golden Int'l Eyes Health Language

Participate in learning and master Golden Int'l Eyes Health Language, targeted for student is working and leisure people, oneself protect oneself eyes the health the common knowledge.

The eyes are the windows of the human mind, and see the beautiful world with own eyes.

Must learn to continuously encourage yourself correct carry out changing, and look at oneself the life, learn, and the world with a loving and optimistic look.

Because, at every moment, everything in the world is undergoing earth-shaking changes, also badly eliminated by history relentlessly...

But in the end, the essence of the most kind and most beautiful things still exists firmly remembered in the people's hearts.

Therefore, let oneself the eyes always show bright, eyes look appeared out full of smiles, kindness, loving, and etc., hug beautiful things and praise good behaviors.

6.2.1 To maintain oneself eyes, must look straight, level look to ahead, feel that are looking into the distance, watching the education course video of Golden Int'l Free Education, the forest dark green color of education course video background images.

As if put yourself into the endless hills, the mountains and plains are covered with green little tree, floret etc., oneself eyes front showing the lush green bushes and green beauty in front, which makes own eyes feel comfortable and happy.

6.2.2 Your own must open big eyes, watch the screen of the education video course, while with oneself mouth count eight the beats, then close oneself eyes quickly, at the same time use your own mouth count eight the beats, then again open big oneself eyes, watch the screen of the education video course, with oneself mouth count eight the beats once again.

Namely: Open big eyes, then close  eyes quickly, use oneself mouth to count eight the beats, then close  eyes, with your own mouth count eight the beats , keep eyes wide open, and watch the screen of the education video course, and while with your own mouth count eight the beats, a total is twenty-four the beats, must repeat eight times.

6.2.3 Then open oneself eyes wide, level look straight ahead, watch the forest dark green color the background of education video course, count eight the beats with  oneself mouth, then close your own eyes and use mouth again count eight the beats, total sixteen the beat, must repeat eight times. 

6.2.4 Open your own eyes wide, let the eyeballs turn toward into right the side, then turn toward into down, then turn toward into left side, and then turn toward up side again, turn twice in a clockwise direction, at the same time, with your own mouth count eight the beats, and then turn twice in a counterclockwise direction, count eight the beats with oneself mouth, a total of sixteen the beats, and must repeat eight times.

6.2.5 Then watch the education video course, watch the forest dark green color the screen of education video course the background and follow learn.

The above protect your eyes actions, must conduct at each time of the three times that is before, during and after learning Golden Int'l Body Health Language.

When student conduct Golden Int'l Eyes Health Language the action, eyes must keep to watch education video course,  so education video course the video must keep to play, or can keep the green picture of a certain education video course.

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