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In view of their own normally the personality, the correct learning method (2): for students who are casual or work people those who are more impatient, tend to be nervous when encountering things, or are prone to be impatient, choose course, participate in learning Golden Int'l Free Education.


4. Right choose education course:

Students must correct to choose participated in Golden Int'l Free Education, the education courses, reach to meet oneself needs.

For first-time to participate in learn student, the student is already work, and should be based on oneself occupations to choose courses; student is leisure person, and should be based on oneself character to choose courses;

Specifically method needs to follow as:

4.1 For leisure people's students:

4.1.1 In view of is prone to nervous the character, or irritability the character when oneself encountering things.  Is required to first choose Golden Int'l Ballet Education the education course, start learn;

4.1.2 Contrary, usually own personality is relatively stable, and shows no panic when is in trouble. Is often able to treat oneself and other calmly, is required to first choose Golden Int'l Samba Education the education course, start learn;

4.2 For work people's students:

4.2.1 In view of oneself the usual work environment and living environment, it is often easy to cause emotions, irritability, etc., and it is required to first choose Golden Int'l Rumba Education the education course, start learn;

4.2.2 Contrary, in usual working environment, living environment, oneself is relatively idle and stable. No matter appear out what anxious things, is often able to treat oneself, and other person, etc. First choose Golden Int'l Bachata Education the education course, start learn.

5. Proper method to participate in learn

It is very important for students to correctly participate in learn method the Golden Int'l Free Education.

Golden Int'l carefully arranges every education course for work and leisure people.

Golden Int'l Free Education, each part of education course is composed of seven units of educational course video. Must attend to free download the seven education courses video into oneself computer, or oneself mobile phone, or oneself smart TV and etc. device.

When choose the device to participate in the Golden Int'l Free Download, the premise is that must ensure that these devices can be played smoothly, and convenient for oneself follow learn.

Student is required to arrange to use a desktop PC or laptop as a device for free downloading, because the screen of the two devices are relatively large, which can help students obtain larger education video courses the images, which is conducive to obtaining good learning results.

Participate in learn Golden Int'l Free Education:  student must start from the first units education video course A1 to learn. All Golden Int'l Free Education the first unit the education video course A1 is all suitable for beginner.

5.1 Participate in learn Golden Int'l Free Education, student must follow Golden Int'l Education and learn complete education video course part, including: seven units of educational video courses the detail is as follows:

5.1.1 The first unit education video course A;

5.1.2 The second unit education video course B;

5.1.3 The third unit education video course A-B combination 1;

5.1.4 The fourth unit education video course C;

5.1.5 The fifth unit education video course A-C combination 2;

5.1.6 The sixth unit education video course D;

5.1.7 The seventh unit education video course A-D combination 3.

5.2 For the student who participates in the study for the first time,   must choose to start learning from the first unit education video course AI, until learn and master the seventh unit education video course A1-D1 combination 3.

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