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Graphic Production Engineer


Golden Intl is an Intl Healthy Film, Healthy Dance, Healthy Language Comprehensive University, current location is in New York, etc. Facing to global public carry out free universal education Golden Intl Mobile Health Life Science the Application, Targeted for Self-protect Oneself Health, and Self-protect Global Public the Health Correct Modern Knowledge. 

Make Full Use of Unique Golden Intl Health Language, to educate and Cultivate Golden Intl Mobile Health Life Science the Application, targeted for self-protect oneself health correct modern knowledge self-protect the global public the health, the Intl Professional Health Educative Talent, the Intl Professional Health Research Talent the Cradle.

Golden IntĄŻl owns Golden IntĄŻl Free Education, Golden IntĄŻl Film Academy, Golden IntĄŻl Dance Academy, Golden IntĄŻl Language Academy, Golden IntĄŻl League Education, etc.

Graphic Production Engineer 

Long-term effective

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for graphic production and course-ware production
2. Proficient in Photoshop, Flash, Dream waver, Illustrator, 3D, animation and other design software
3. Strong art skills, excellent art design ability, flexible control of design style is preferred
4. Have good communication skills, teamwork ability, positive
5. Have good interpersonal communication skills, good work coordination skills, and a pragmatic work spirit

6. Excellent professional quality, sense of responsibility, enterprising spirit, can bear work pressure

Applicants are requested to provide personal recent work links in their resumes, please do not add any attachments



1. Full-time college degree or above, proficient in graphic design software, computer, or other related majors

2. More than two years of graphic design experience, including at least one year of working experience in a video website or large-scale website video channel

3. Familiar with the development of graphic design, conventional network technology, skilled application: Photoshop, Flash, Dream waver, Illustrator and other graphic design software

4. Have good political literacy and high political consciousness

6. Those with relevant work experience in large funded educational companies are preferred


Please intentionally send your detailed resume and recent photos e-mail Golden Intl:



For all applicants who meet the requirements of Golden Intl, Golden Intl will arrange an interview time, within 20 working days to notify by e-mail, please be patient


Who have obtained the interview opportunity to come to Golden Intl should bring:

One original and one copy of a valid ID card or passport

A resume

One original and one copy of the highest degree and degree certificate

Requirements: The name of the e-mail name, telephone number, job title, information source



Name: Zhang Li

Phone: 18800138123

Application position: Graphic Production Engineer

Source of information: Golden Intl Recruitment Information



1. Golden Intl will not accept anyone who without Golden Intl allowed but who comes to apply, please understand!

2. Golden Intl will not accept any call to inquire about the application, please understand!

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