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Dance Demo DVD Certificated Online Forecast Art-Group Special Education Register 
Chinese Literature Chinese Drama Subject 4 Weeks Jul. 7, 2013 Start Register
Subjects Of Study PuTongHua For Non-degree Programs
4 Weeks Short-term Program for Hanyu, Cultural and Dance Studies  Subject
Based on the demands of learners and duration of learning, the following courses might be arranged:  Chinese PuTongHua, Chinese traditional dance, Chinese History Chinese Philosophy History of Chinese Literature Chinese Drama Chinese Customs and Folklore Chinese Contemporary Economy Chinese National Conditions Survey of Chinese Society Chinese Tourist Geography, Chinese traditional dance, Chinese Garden Architecture Cultural Exchanges between China and Other Countries Chinese Calligraphy Chinese Painting Chinese Martial Arts Qigong, and others.
Intensive  4 Wks
Course Time
20 hrs per wk
RMB8990 or US$1380
Aug. 5–Aug. 30
8am - 11:50am
30 hrs per wk
RMB11990 or US$1800
8am - 11:50am
2pm - 3:50pm
40 hrs per wk
RMB14990 or US$2300
8am - 11:50am
2pm - 5:50pm
1) The above rates are subject to change without notice.
2) Tenants for school housing are asked to sign a tenancy agreement with the academy for a minimum period of occupation.
3)  Application tuition:   RMB1000(or US$130) 
4) There is an additional (RMB10) charge and two photos needed
1. Registration:  Jul. 7, 2013 Start Register; To the Golden Int'l Dance Academy Registration: registed detail information;
2. Registration methods: Domestic student enrollment by telephone is available, more detail information;  Foreign students, students in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, please contact Golden International Foreign Office email:;
3. The payment: cash or credit card (credit card required to pay 1% fee);
4. Appearance, when you bring the as following:
1) registration number;
2) the parents a copy of ID card or passport;
3) two photos (one inch, 2 inches of a black and white, color can be);
4) registration form (at the scene when they reported to receive);
5. Check in date:  Aug. 4,  time: 4 - 6 pm;
6. Failed to properly report late, the Golden International right to cancel its registration number;
7. Appearance, location: Golden Intl Language Academy;
8. Class date:
Period:     Mondays to Fridays;
9. Venue: in Golden Int'l Language Academy;  Academy map       Traffic guide;
金池国际官方网站 Golden Int'l Official Website:
 1.   金池国际免费下载网 面向全世界提供专业教学视频免费下载!用我们的大爱, 无私的关怀, 引导国际的阳光, 知识......! 五大类别:  2-8岁幼儿, 8-12岁少儿, 青少年, 上班族休闲族人士和学习专业学生 Golden Intl  Free  Download  teaching lesson, performances and etc. for primary, kid, youth, adult amateur and schools;
2 . 手机金池国际 分为五大类别:  2-8岁幼儿, 8-12岁少儿, 青少年, 上班族休闲族人士和学习专业学生 Golden Intl Cell-Phone    download teaching lesson, performances and etc. for primary, kid, youth, adult amateur and schools;
3. 金池国际电影学院 专业远程视频教学面对幼儿, 少儿,青少年,成人和专业  Golden Intl Film Academy    lesson online the categories of primary, kid, youth and adult and schools;
4. 金池国际舞蹈学院 面对面教授涵盖面广泛, 阳光40多门中西方民族舞蹈, 表演, 舞台剧等, Golden Intl Dance Academy  for lesson of dance, drama and etc. by face to face;
5. 金池国际美国留学   金池国际免考保送您美国留学!
Study in China: for lesson Chinese folk dances hanyu home-stay and etc. ;
6. 金池国际教育加盟 来自美国的金池国际在中国和世界范围内筛选愿意长期投资阳光教育事业、条件优越、实力雄厚的合作者, 建立金池国际授权舞蹈, 口语, 表演, 主持等综合素质培训的金池国际分校, 共享综合素质培训这个即阳光灿烂, 又有无限发展空间的朝阳事业 Golden Intl League Education Golden Intl came from USA current located in Beijing center, welcome  in worldwide  to long-term investment sunshine education, favorable conditions, the strength of the partners, established Golden Intl authorized dance, speaking and so on other comprehensive quality training, sharing the comprehensive quality training;
7. 金池国际语言学院面对面高效的, 成熟的, 独特的金池国际语言口语, 主持, 朗诵等教学, Golden Intl Language Academy  for lesson of Putonghua, homestay and etc by face to face;
Golden International Language Academy

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