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Golden Int'l Health Salon
Often will Meet A Lot Of Strange Problems, Often Lead To Depress, Or Filled With Anger... Golden Int'l Targeted Help Work Person or Leisure Person Salon in Jan. 2017
Enjoy the Delicacies, Sugary Drinks, While Away From Obesity, Away From the Disease! For 8 to 12 Years Old Kid and Parents Jan. 2017, Golden Int'l Salon
Make Children Happy Enjoy the Food Sweet Drink While They Can Get Far Away From Obesity! Golden Int'l Will Host Child and Parents Salon in Jan. 2017
Tense Learning, Love Junk Food, Beverages etc. Gradually Obese, How To Do? Enjoy Happiness Growing up...! Golden Int'l Youth Salon Jan. 2017
What Should I Do To Face My Family's Genetic Disease? Hope Prevent Disease... Golden Int'l Work Person or Leisure Person Salon Nov. 2016
Golden Int'l 0-7 years old children and parents of healthy and happy salon will aimed at parents concerned about the growth of children topic, as the theme of each salon
Can You Create Own Happiness Every Day? Targeted Help in Hope Youth to Achieve the Different Sunshine Goal Golden Int'l Salon Nov. 2016
Should We Study Etiquette? Children's Rebellion, How to Correctly Face? Golden Int'l Work Person or Leisure Person Salon in Oct. 2016
Master Own Protection Self-health Correct Modern Knowledge? Golden Int'l Will Host a Salon For 8 to 12 Years Old Kid and Parents Oct. 2016
Timely Release Self Body's Excess Sugar Protection the Children Avoid the Diseases Golden Int'l Child and Parents Salon in Oct. 2016
Fear of Sugar, Because of Fear of Getting Excess Sugar? Fear of Fat, Because of Fear of Getting Excess Fat? Golden Int'l Youth Salon Oct. 2016
How can grasp to protect self health right modern knowledge?Golden Intl holds a happy salon for 8 to 12 years old kids and parents
Golden Intl Will Held Salon in Sep. 2016 Aim at Help in Hope Work Person and Leisure Person
Children all love junk food, drinks... gradually fat, ugly, become burdensome, how to prevent obesity?
Aim At Help Youth Achieve... Golden Int'l Teen-age Salon in Sep. 2016
For 8 to 12 Years Old Kid and Parents Aug. 2016, Golden Int'l will host a salon to help kids and parents
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