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To learn a lesson! The cartoon TV show The Lion King is the favorite of many kids. The process of the little lion growing up to be the Lion King is full of thrills, setbacks, and trials. In the end, the little lion lived up to expectations, defeated the enemy, and became the new Lion King.
Sing loudly! The rainbow after the rain is very enchanting. Just now it was a violent storm, lightning and thunder, destroying everything on the earth. Suddenly, it stopped abruptly. The long-lost sun broke through the dark clouds and shone on the earth. Everything was covered with beautiful new clothes of golden light.
Love nature! Take care of nature with your own love and enjoy the sunshine, rain and dew that nature gives back to us. Every kid can do it, because these are not difficult things. However, some kids don't think so. They only want to get the gift of nature, but they are unwilling to give back to the nature or love it.
Delicious food! On his birthday, Kevin came home with his classmates, because his mother had told him that he and his friends would prepare rich and delicious meals. The fragrance has been floating in the home, and the joyful atmosphere enveloped the whole home, but the mother asked the students to wash their own hands with a smile,...
Pure friendship! Every kid should learn to use their own beautiful language to comfort and provide help within their own ability when facing difficulties for their own or other kids, and to overcome difficulties with their own peers, because, one's own beautiful language can promote pure friendship.
Envious! Kevin was hospitalized. The teacher told the students with a sad expression that because of the foot disease, he hoped that every student should protect his body and walk out of the correct walking posture. Kevin is very naughty, has good feet, and often walks out of very ugly postures.
Smiling is an art! Whenever ask the kids: Can you smile? The unanimous answers were all laughing, the implication is: all kid will smile. However, smiling is an art. A correct smile can bring happiness to others, infect other kids with happiness, and feel warm. Therefore, kids should learn and master the art of smiling!
Show off on your own big stage! Every kid has their own big stage. In one's own heart, one's own big stage is very big. On one's own big stage, proudly walks out of their own demeanor, shows out their own temperament, and learns to create happiness by oneself, accompanied by singing, enjoying difficulties, health, happiness, etc.
Have good etiquette! Why do kids have to learn etiquette? Because the growth of every kid requires etiquette knowledge, especially etiquette knowledge, which can help kids improve their own temperament. When talking with others and handling things, kids have good etiquette, ...
Put on a big smile! Can the kids show outa bright smile naturally? Can share the joy of success with other kids? Most of the kids can't do it. Instead, they show timidity, introverted character, and introverted behavior, which often hinder the growth of kids. So, kids should participate in studies early, ...
Colorful! Kids life is always full of colorful, but it is also composed of countless ordinary days... In the ordinary life, there is kids spring, a hundred flowers blooming, colorful, and kids summer... . Tears of laughter, guilty hugs, exciting cheers, heartfelt sincerity...
Walking out of your own the spirit! Kids walking posture can show out their own temperament. Kids have the correct walking posture, which is of great help to their own health. It is very important to educate children early on to step out of their own style, step out of their own spirit, and show out their own temperament!
Share success! When kids obtain succeed themselves, can own share their own success with other kids? Especially in the face of the children who oppose your own, or the kids who have been frustrated, do share the joy of your own success? Sharing success is a virtue that every kid should have.
Autumn is cool! Autumn is the season of harvest, there is golden light everywhere, and the fruits are fruitful. The Autumn sun generously spreads golden light to the world! Joy is flying in the sky, laughter is galloping in the world, kids participate in the festive days of autumn, learn etiquette knowledge,...
Extraordinarily enchanting! The tall and tall cedars spread all over the mountains and plains, exuding a strong pine fragrance. The pine trees danced in the wind, showing various postures, but they still showed the green pine sea, as far as the eye could see.
Let go of troubles! Troubles are everywhere. Although kids are young, they will encounter all kinds of troubles every day. How to deal with troubles that arise? Can use your own kind smile to deal with troubles? Troubles occur every day, for various reasons, learn to use a smile to eliminate their troubles in a timely manner, ...
The polite ! Sophie came home from school and suddenly found that her new neighbor had a girl as her age. Sophie immediately greeted her happily. The first time they met, after introducing each other, the two immediately became inseparable good friends.
The right posture to walk! Many parents disapprove, the simply walking, why need to keep the correct walking posture? Because, the correct walking posture, for each kid is very important. Wrong walking posture will gradually hurt the physical health of kids.
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