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The ugly duckling hopes to change himself and become a beautiful swan. In real life, every own hopes to be beautiful and temperamental. Charm is the dream of many working and leisure people, because beauty and health are connected, and healthy people show vigor and spirit be fresh, beautiful and generous.
Result and wish in opposite direction! Busy study, busy life, etc., like mountains, often oppress teen unbearable, body obesity, psychological depression, various abnormal symptoms, more and more serious impact on the health of teen.
Work hard, reap! Why is it so hard to achieve your ideals? Does own hope always turn out to be out of reach? Because, their own ideal is like a empty space hole, their own hope value is set too high. As the saying goes, if you work hard, you will reap the rewards. If you work happily, the harvest must be fruitful.
Cherish health! Ordinary life is always accompanied by endless changes, busy work, tedious things in the office, and family life, which often make people exhausted, exhausted, and sick, one day, their own developed into the accompany with various drugs.
Enjoy life! Some people say that life is like a dream, right? Right thinking, every day. Create your own happy day, like a beautiful dream, give yourself strength, wisdom, that's right! Every day, everyone shows themselves and creates value on the big stage of their own lives.
Say goodbye to obesity! Faced with the accumulation of body fat, the size of clothes is getting bigger and bigger, and helpless, although their own have realized that should take active actions to lose weight and stay away from obesity! However, staying away from obesity is a difficult task.
Youth blooms! Keep your own youth blooming in your heart, keep your health and walk with yourself, let the years go by and you can keep are not old, enjoy delicious food, chocolate, sugary drinks..., still a healthy body, blooming your own beautiful style in the crowd, age has been Oblivion, joy, and smile are always around.
Thinking! Everyone must learn and master: the correct and timely release of their stress. Change your own thinking, make troublesome learning into enjoyable learning, learn to enjoy learn, enjoy life, enjoy failure, enjoy success, etc., learn to face with a smile, host your wonderful life, and enjoy the ups and downs of the ordinary.
Last laugh! Are you healthy? For career, working overtime, working hard day and night for success, but when their own lose their health and become ill, many people suddenly wake up: everything is outside the body, only health is their own real priceless treasure.
The dazzling rainbow! After the storm, a colorful rainbow appeared in the sky, splendid and colorful, and everyone praised, while the violent storm, lightning and thunder a few minutes ago quickly disappeared in everyone's hearts; Everyone must learn to quickly forget the things that make them unhappy...
Grow up with joy! Are you happy? I am very happy, because I can create happiness by myself... However, there are many people who don't know how to use simple methods to create happiness... Worry about trivial things, don't know how to be honest Express your true thoughts, face the unreasonable demands of others...
The kind smile! Do know, their own kind smile can get a sincere friendship for yourself! Show out a kind, natural smile, many teenagers think that of course they can, but in real life, many teenagers do not, especially when their own are faced with mistakes, or often encounter others' incomprehension, etc.
Everybody is good for something! Still complaining? Own should stop complaining, because complaining is not helpful in solving difficulties. On the contrary, complaining will obliterate your own fighting spirit, increase your sense of failure, helplessness, and cause yourself to be discouraged and helpless!
Say goodbye to bad habits! Have the courage to face some of own bad habits and say goodbye. Can it be done? Everyone has their own habits. Some habits are excellent, which are helpful to their own health, work, etc., but there are also some bad habits that directly affect their own health...
Failure is the mother of success! Failure is irritating, but it gives the loser extremely valuable lessons, important enlightenment, and motivation to work hard again. Why are afraid of failure? Although the cost of failure is high, loss of money, time. No one likes failure, there is no way to avoid failure
Dreams come true! Conquering cancer is not a dream. With your own efforts, dreams come true! In daily life, you can often see: Talking about cancerous discoloration, one healthy person, once they are diagnosed with cancer, the world is turned upside down in an instant, everything is changed.
Stay away from the bow-legs! Bow-legs have appeared in many people's postures, which are very ugly, affecting posture, health and so on. Everyone hopes to walk out of their own style, get out of the right posture, it is easy! Stay away from the bow-legs, in the happy...
My health is in charge! Enjoying food is a joyful thing, rich and colorful, although it used an extremely simple ingredient, but after the careful processing of the master chefs, it becomes a delicious meal, which is lingering, and helps one's health at work, have enough energy to overcome difficulties, achieve success, etc.
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