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Remember: How Treat Oneself Mistakes It's Very Important! Learn, Master improve Oneself Psychological Quality, Physical Quality, Ability Quality, and Comprehensive Quality, Access to Health, Wisdom, Beauty, etc. Dec. 1, 2017 Start Register
Please Cherish Our Clear and Pure Friendship! To Master Self-protect Oneself Health Correct Modern Knowledge and Technology Nov. 1, 2017 Start Register
Master Oneself Improve Psychological Quality, Physical Quality, Ability Quality, and Other Comprehensive Quality Golden Int'l Special Arrangement to Learn Inspirational Speech Education Oct. 1, 2017 Start Register
Enjoy the Beauty, Enjoy the Food, Enjoy the Healthy, Happy Growth! Master the Timely Elimination of Oneself Body Inner Excess Fat, Excess Sugar, Away From Obesity, Access to Health, Wisdom, Beauty, etc.; Sep. 1, 2017 Start Register
My Speech is Fascinating! Golden Int'l Special Arrangement to Learn Inspirational Speech Performance Education to Improve Oneself Comprehensive Quality, Temperament Aug. 1, 2017 Start Register
Cool to Say Goodbye Toward Obesity! Golden Int'l Special Arranges to Participate in Inspirational Speech Performance Comprehensive Education Jul. 1, 2017 Start Register
As Long as Everyone Give a Little Love, the World Will Become More Beautiful! Golden Int'l Special Arrangement Stage Speech Performance Education Jul. 1, 2017
We Enjoy Grow's The Sweet And Sour Bitter! Jun. 1, 2017 S. R.
Rainbow Is Cheering For Our Success! Learning Inspirational S.
My Tomorrow I Efforts! Special Speech Training Program
Show My Life! Actor Movie Training Mar. 1, 2017 Start R.
Enjoy Abroad Learn Live etc. Feb. 1, 2017 Start Register
Far Away From Shoulder Diseases Give Priority Jan. 1, 2017 Register
Every day We Enjoy the Joy of Growth! Master To create Happiness Technology...
Master Self Protect Rightly Modern Technology Far Away From Obesity...
Failure Is The Mother of Success! Learn Poem Recital Performance
Master Protect Ego Health correct Modern Technology in the Long Island, New York, USA Oct. 1, 2016 start register
Let the Youth's Song, Flying in Sky ! Special Learn Speech Training Program.
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