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Walking out of the oneself style, to show oneself temperament! Golden Int'l will arrange the correct attitude performing education, learn to master the correct walking attitude of kids, in their daily walk to show, to improve own temperament, access to the sun, happy, healthy, for oneself plus points; Jun. 1, 2018 Start Register
Seedlings growing up healthily in the sun! Golden Int'l will arrange special attitude, posture performance comprehensive education, jump from busy the life, while studying hard, while also learn other knowledge, happy to spend their childhood; May 1, 2018 Start Register
Happy out walking oneself style! Special posture performance comprehensive education Golden Int'l specially prepared for the healthy growth of kid, to the improvement of kid's comprehensive quality of the special comprehensive education Apr. 1, 2018 Start Registe
Joy printed on the face! Participate in model performance comprehensive education, with a smile to encourage themselves, in the ordinary study, life, out of style, show temperament, add points for oneself, cheering for own! Mar. 1, 2018 Start Register
Hello, can you help me? Learning etiquette, performance comprehensive education, mastering the basic etiquette of conversation with others, gesturing, etc., when faced with different people, with a decent ritual, attitude, open the situation, get other people's friendship, help, etc. Feb. 1, 2018 Start Register
Keep the right walking posture! Special participate in attitude performance comprehensive education, learning the correct walking posture, to maintain the balance of the body, in the happy, to show oneself style, etc .; enjoy learning, life, access to health, wisdom, beauty, etc. Jan. 1, 2018 Start Register
Modern Well Bottom Frog! Constantly Learn New Knowledge and Enjoy the Power of Knowledge Dec. 1, 2017 Start Register
Small Grass Green and Green! Golden Int'l Will Arranges the Inspirational Speech Education, and also Far Away From Obesity, Access to Health, Joy and Happiness Nov. 1, 2017 Start Register
With My Smile, Passing Happiness! Improve Self-attitude, Etiquette, etc., Comprehensive Quality-based Comprehensive Education Arrangements, Learn Attitude, Model, American Manners, Understand the United States Learning, Living Environment
Every Day to Create Happy, I Can Do It! Special Education Speech, Etiquette, American manners, etc., Understand the United States Learning, Living, etc. Environment Sep. 1, 2017 Start Register
Show Oneself the Temperament! Learning to Show Oneself Temperament to Enjoy the Health, Wisdom,etc. Aug. 1, 2017 Start Register
The Future is Bright! Golden Int'l Special Arranges to Participate in Inspirational Speech Performance Comprehensive Education, Learn Golden Int'l Manners Jul. 1, 2017 Start Register
Tears take away troubles! Kid's Recite, Storytelling, Presided Over Performers Comprehensive Teaching
Share Our Happiness! Golden Int'l Special Training Stage Speech Performances, Record Personal Video
Special Training: The Stars In The Sky Shine! Kid's Film and TV Performers Comprehensive Teaching
Earth, My Beautiful Home! Stage Telling Story Performances Teaching
Easy Access To Health, Wisdom, Beauty, Joy And Happiness!
Laughter, Accompany With Our Growth ! Kid's Film and TV Performers Comprehensive Teaching
Mom, I Love You! Kid's Film and TV Performance Comprehensive Teaching
Golden Int'l Held Golden Int'l Health Tour in USA Namely, Kid Will Attend Golden Int'l Program In Long Island, New York
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