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Posture! Whenever say: Posture is very important, many kids disagree, and even parents have misunderstood that the various postures shown by kids are similar to: walking posture, sitting posture, etc., are natural forming.
Temperament! The temperament of a kid reflects the spirit of the kid. Every kid should learn, improve his temperament, show his spirit, create happiness, walk out of a graceful posture, and show a beautiful temperament, which is very important.
Have a good posture! Every kid should have a good posture. Every kid is faced with how to show own excellent posture. Because if a kid has a good posture, it will not only help their own health, but also help oneself learn progress.
Fruitful! Autumn is the season of harvest, the autumn sun generously casts golden light, everywhere is golden light and fruitful, joy is flying in the sky, laughter is surging in the world. Kids participate in the festive days of autumn and take the right steps Step forward
The pine tree is tall and straight! The pine trees dance in the wind, in various poses, but still show the green pine sea, wide endless, even after the baptism of the snowstorm, the pine pine still blooms: the snow is pressing the pine, the pine is about to stand upright, and the pine is wrapped in silver, and is extremely enchanting.
Walk out of your own style! The correct walking posture is very important, especially for kids who are growing their bodies, because a correct walking posture can not only maintain the kids the good physical fitness, but also improve the kids the psychological quality, body quality, ability quality and comprehensive quality.
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