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Walking posture! The walking posture of each kid is very important, which is related to the health of the children. When the kids hold the correct walking posture, they can prevent, stay away from many diseases, and improve oneself temperament ... ! Aug. 1, 2020 Start Register
Show oneself temperament! Learn to show oneself, create happiness, walk out of beautiful postures, show beautiful temperament ... Learn the correct posture, create happiness for yourself every day, easily enjoy learning, enjoy life happily, show your excellent posture anytime, anywhere, perform all the time, pass happiness, embrace joy, gain health, wisdom, beauty ... Jul. 1, 2020 Start Register
Can do it! Not confident, always envious of other kids..., it is often appear in kids, and even some parents, always compare the shortcomings of oneself kids with the advantages of other kids of the same age, and sometimes, also compare with the older kids.
Little speeches person the posture! On behalf of the class, conduct a speech competition in the whole school, and will face-to-face with the older students. Which classmate is willing to participate, the teacher ask? The classroom is very noisy, at once to turn to quiet. Look at each other, classmates. but no one classmates has signed up.
A bright smile! For a kid, facing a brand-new environment, have no any friends, have no any information... Please show oneself the bright smile, correct etiquette, good body language, can get the selfless help of other students, and smoothly integrate into the new environment ...
Walk posture is right? Suddenly facing a question: Classmate, are you in the right posture to walk? The kids looked at each other, and they didn't even know how to answer. Because such a simple walk posture was of course right! Although...
Take oneself to the next level! School is about to start new term period, Andy is very excited, and will soon meet with the classmates. After a long summer vacation, each classmate has a different holiday experience, it is so wonderful and interesting.
There is no free lunch! The whole class is discussing, attending the opening ceremony of the school sports meeting, who is chosen as the flag bearer? Many students hope that oneself can have the opportunity to become flag bearers, shake spirits walk in the forefront of the team ...
Good the gesture! Every child is faced with how to show their good posture, because if children have a good posture, they will not only help their own health, but also help them to learn progress, are very easy to get along with the students, willing to study and play with energetic classmates...
Autumn sunshine generously sprinkled down golden light! Autumn is the season of harvest. Everywhere are golden glitters, fruitful full, joy flying in the sky, laughter rushing in the world. Kids participating in the autumn festive days, walking the right steps, showing the perfect posture, learning etiquette knowledge, learn model knowledge, enjoy the joy of autumn, enjoy the beauty of autumn...
The pine tree is tall and straight! A lot of pine trees dance in the wind, showing in various poses, but still shows the lush pine, as like the sea, endless, even after the baptism of the blizzard, the pines still bloom: the snow is pressed against the pine tree, the pines tree are still standing tall, the pines are wrapped in silver, and the enchanting ...
Walking out of style! It is very important to walk the correctly, especially for children who are growing up, because the correct walking posture can not only maintain the good physical quality of children, but also improve the psychological quality, ability quality and even comprehensive quality of kids...
New friends, it's very nice to meet you! The newly relocated neighbors, a girl of the same age as Feifei, met for the first time. After introducing each other, they immediately became inseparable friends. Feifei introduced her friends to meet the girl, and the girl were polite every time, giving people the impression of being very polite!
Why do need to learn the correct posture to walk! Kaikai was hospitalized. The teacher had a sad expression and told the students that because of the disease of the feet, each of our classmates should protect their body and walk out of the correct posture.
Summer story! In ordinary life, learning, always reflects the comprehensive temperament of each kid, learn correct attitude, etiquette, models, change kid usual bad habits, show kid style in the ordinary, excellent comprehensive temperament, avoid loneliness, and stay away from introversion act, etc.;
My big stage is in my heart! Get out of your own style, show your temperament, learn to create happiness, accompanied by joy, accompanied by sing, enjoy difficulty, health, happiness, happiness, etc.;
Treat oneself troubles with a good smile! Annoyance will happen every day. For various reasons, you should learn to use smiles to eliminate your troubles in a timely manner, use your happiness to resolve the troubles caused by your troubles.
Can you pose gracefully frequently? It is very important to learn gestures and performances. Children who can show their good posture on their own are rewarded with intangible points on various occasions. Learning attitude is Golden Int'l special preparation for kid's healthy growth.
The eagle flies in the sky! Schools, families are our big stage, classmates, teachers are our loyal audiences, learn the right attitude knowledge , master technology correcting oneself posture in a timely manner, show oneself beautiful posture, create happiness and enjoy health, wisdom, beautiful, etc.
Walk out of the graceful posture and show beautiful temperament! Learn the correct posture, create happiness everyday, enjoy the study easily, enjoy life happily, show oneself excellent posture anytime and anywhere, always show oneself different gestures, to transfer joy, and embrace happiness, gain health, wisdom, beautiful, etc.;
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