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Growing up healthily! The seedlings thrive in the sun, and the suns selfless dedication gives the seedlings the sunshine they need to thrive, cares for the seedlings and so on. Kids are like seedlings, and they need enough sunshine to grow up in a happy, sunny environment.
Conquer troubles! At a young age, all kinds of worries are encountered every day, which makes kids very angry, why? Investigate the reason, the troubled caused by oneself! Change your own mindset, look at problems, and look at things, with a completely different perspective.
Fly in the ideal sky! What is your ideal? The ideal is the kids the own hope, looking forward to one day, like an eagle, flying in the ideal sky! With correct guidance, every kid can make progress every day and show himself.
Graceful posture! Every kid can walk out of graceful posture and show beautiful temperament. However, many parents do not think so, and many kids have no confidence in themselves, always envy other classmates, complain about their own poor walking posture, and so on.
The art of smiling! Whenever ask kids: can you smile? The unanimous replies were all laughing, and the implication was that kids would smile. However, smiling is an art. A correct smile can give others happiness and infect other kid the happiness and warmth.
My big stage! My big stage is in my heart. Proudly walk out of my own style, show my temperament, learn to create happiness by myself, accompanied by joy, accompanied by singing, enjoying difficulties, health, joyful, happiness, etc.;
Smile write on the face! Walking out of your own style, show out your own smile, and maintain correct posture. Every kid can do it. For their own health and tomorrow's success, kids should pay attention to the correct posture early.
Is own posture correct? Many people asked, but the answers were inconsistent, because many parents also have some misunderstandings. Is it possible to make a graceful posture frequently? Can show a bright smile naturally? Can share the joy of success with other kids?
Posture! Whenever say: Posture is very important, many kids disagree, and even parents have misunderstood that the various postures shown by kids are similar to: walking posture, sitting posture, etc., are natural forming.
Temperament! The temperament of a kid reflects the spirit of the kid. Every kid should learn, improve his temperament, show his spirit, create happiness, walk out of a graceful posture, and show a beautiful temperament, which is very important.
Have a good posture! Every kid should have a good posture. Every kid is faced with how to show own excellent posture. Because if a kid has a good posture, it will not only help their own health, but also help oneself learn progress.
Fruitful! Autumn is the season of harvest, the autumn sun generously casts golden light, everywhere is golden light and fruitful, joy is flying in the sky, laughter is surging in the world. Kids participate in the festive days of autumn and take the right steps Step forward
The pine tree is tall and straight! The pine trees dance in the wind, in various poses, but still show the green pine sea, wide endless, even after the baptism of the snowstorm, the pine pine still blooms: the snow is pressing the pine, the pine is about to stand upright, and the pine is wrapped in silver, and is extremely enchanting.
Walk out of your own style! The correct walking posture is very important, especially for kids who are growing their bodies, because a correct walking posture can not only maintain the kids the good physical fitness, but also improve the kids the psychological quality, body quality, ability quality and comprehensive quality.
Decent posture! The newly relocated neighbor, has a girl of the same age as Feifei. Met for the first time, After introducing each other, the two immediately became inseparable friends. Feifei introduced her friends to meet the girl, and the girl was polite every time , the impression is extremely polite!
Correct posture! Why do children need to learn the correct posture to walk? Many children and their lovely parents believe that there is no need to learn the correct posture for walking. However, correct walking posture is indeed very important for kids!
Joy is printed on the face! On stage the model performance comprehensive education. With a smile face encourage oneself, in ordinary learning, life, walk out of oneself style, show temperament, add points for oneself, cheer oneself! In the ordinary, show your own style, excellent comprehensive the temperament, avoid loneliness... Dec. 1, 2020 Start Register
Flowers bloom! A happy mood can be maintained every day, learn to create happiness by yourself, facing everything with a smile, forget the troubles, enjoy the frustration ... Learn the correct posture, create happiness for yourself every day, easily enjoy learning, enjoy life happily, show oneself anytime... Nov. 1, 2020 Start Register
Use my smile to pass happiness! Create and provide a good environment for children, learn performance, improve personal quality, temperament, expression skills, etiquette, watching, learning, speaking, performing language skills, beautiful, etc ... Oct. 1, 2020 Start Register
Brilliant smile! The learning posture performance is specially prepared by Golden Int'l for the healthy growth of kids. For kids to learn and master oneself posture in a timely manner, etiquette, comprehensive quality the comprehensive education. Learn posture performance is very important and can show oneself excellent posture, in various occasions, get extra points... Sep. 1, 2020 Start Register
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