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Stick to the truth! As the saying goes: from the sludge the lotus come out without the sludge! However, in reality, it takes courage to do it! The grass on the wall, the wind blows toward both sides fall-down, often appear out in the teen.
Smile write on face! Are you still envious of other teenagers? Believe in your own potential, as long as you learn hard, you can: Walk out of your own style, show your own smile, and maintain your own correct posture. Every teen can do it.
There are no hardships things in the world, afraid of people with heart only! Faced with difficulties, helplessness is a difficult problem faced by many young people. In many cases, parents have given help. In invisible, teenagers have lost oneself chances to solve difficult problems ...
Stay happy! Happy enjoyment every day, enjoy the difficulties, success, failure, this is life! Grow in happiness, smiling face in difficulties, wake up in failure, write down oneself the life... Perform of oneself passed experiences by comedy, with oneself passed stormy waves ...
The foundation of success! Efforts are the foundation of success. Starting with small things, need to be able to do it, learn, face seriously, study hard, keep improving, and strive to be best! Sometimes, is often unwilling to work hard, always hoping to take a shortcut...
Happiness is actually easy! What is happiness? For most teenagers, the answer cannot be unanimous, because, almost everyone understands happiness differently. In any case, cherish the opportunities in front of oneself, learning environment, living environment, although it seems very plain, flat, but still happy!
A higher level! Classmates always encourage themselves, cheer, refuel, work hard, and work harder... However, there are often unexpected and opposite results, that is, the results of study mark are declining... because, wishes are far beyond oneself ability ..
Health? ! When talk the health, many teens will laughing, in their opinion, paying attention to health is something that older people should care about, and has nothing to do with themselves! However, when teens see that more and more teenagers suddenly died due to some reason...
Successful speech! Teens often encounter a variety of speeches, debates ... at school, becoming the final winner, not only eloquence, but also the standing posture of the speech, the gesture performance on the podium, personal etiquette, etc., all are excellent, forming the speaker's style, and a veritable winner.
Teens student participate in learning Golden Int'l Free Education the correct method: Students must correct to choose participated in Golden Int'l Free Education, the education courses, reach to meet oneself needs. For first-time to participate in learn the teen the student, must base on oneself character to choose courses...
Good bye - introvert of behavior! In the face of unfamiliar living environment, coupled with language barriers, teenagers are prone to introverted behavior, and induce their introverted mentality. This is something that every parent should pay attention to. Early preparation is very necessary.
Wrong given us enlightenment! The volleyball match between grades was over, the whole class was unhappy. Because, they already won the first and second games. Because the referee misjudged a ball, then the players tell the judged, results were unsuccessful.
Cut to the topic! Given only 3 to 5 minutes, can be able to introduce myself excellently, comprehensively and completely. Can do it? All the teenage looked at each other, no one can answer. In the surviving environment of the teenage, there are countless opportunities.
Wishes come true! In the face of delicious food, very much hope that can have a full meal as want, because, the temptation of food is too great. But look at oneself the deformed body, suddenly like a deflated ball, there is no appetite, the ear side is ring the doctor's warning:
Expensive is in adhere to ! Facing the teacher's question in class, oneself knew the correct answer very well, but was afraid, did n’t dare to raise hand, and lost the opportunity to speak; Elect a cheerleader, is really hope to be a cheerleader, and confident that oneself can do it.
Give you a one-minute chance, can you introduce yourself naturally? In the face of strangers, can use own words and immediately cut into the theme? 60 seconds, let oneself nervousness heart calm down, and let anxious faces, or nervous faces, or angry faces, or..., showing a bright smile, full of confidence, a vibrant look, etc.;
Spring breeze blow, life again! Every year: the spring of blossoming flowers, the sounds sing from the willow cicada the summer, the fruitful autumn, thousands of miles of ice the winter, in any case, come freely, the sun, rain, given nourish everything... Give the earth spectacular scenery, rich material...
The heroes still at the present! Wisdom is free to fly in the ideal sky, let out the dazzling light, quickly create a beautiful view across the century... Romantically draw a fascinating grand blueprint, unrestrained thoughts, have inserted wings, shuttle in the blue sky and white clouds ...
The dream comes true! Desire to have a bright future is a good thing, to build a small near-term goal for yourself, to study hard, to be strict, to be meticulous, to face difficulties, to solve problems in a positive way...
Challenge yourself! What is the most important thing to study in the United States? ! Many teenagers are continually posing a lot questions, but they have forgotten themselves. The truth is, to reach an unfamiliar environment, and most importantly, challenge yourself!
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