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Thanks Mom! Thank you mom for your hard work and prepared colorful food... On the day of his birthday, Kevin and the classmates came to the home together, because mother had told him that would prepare a rich delicacy.
Correct posture! Why do children need to learn the correct posture to walk? Many children and their lovely parents believe that there is no need to learn the correct posture for walking. However, correct walking posture is indeed very important for kids!
Joy is printed on the face! On stage the model performance comprehensive education. With a smile face encourage oneself, in ordinary learning, life, walk out of oneself style, show temperament, add points for oneself, cheer oneself!
Pine needles are green and green, vigorous, singing in the wind, dancing in the snow, swaying in the rain, and green in the sun, the silent selfless dedication brings the world an infinite beauty ... To know cedar nice, waiting until the snowing ! Cedar is not afraid of snow, to show with windward,
The happily tears took away the trouble! Irony, sneer, etc., occurs frequently among kids. In addition to ignorance, it also blocks oneself free speech while satires other partners. It has led to that many children dare not express their wishes, because they are afraid to make mistakes...
Beautiful home! The earth is my beautiful home. The earth is always turning in obscurity, selfless dedication, generosity to all things in the world, living soil, infinite space, green forest, flowing river, sea ... Kids love the earth, actively protect the earth, let the earth continue to show beautiful...
The chance of the loser! Occasionally a small test, the results are not ideal, do not have to panic, but Min Fei the father does not think so, he analyzed a lot of reasons... Although Dad patiently taught Min Fei, but he was over excessive method...
Stay away from the introvert mentality! In the classroom, the teacher asks questions to the classmates, the teacher's just say finished, many students actively raise their right hands, hoping to get the opportunity to answer the questions.
Stay away from the introvert mentality! In the classroom, the teacher asks questions to the classmates, the teacher's just say finished, many students actively raise their right hands, hoping to get the opportunity to answer the questions.
Kids student participate in learning Golden Int'l Free Education the correct method: Kid participates learning in first-time, must under parents, or guardians help, based on the personality of kid, choose the Golden Int'l Free Education the education course.
Help each other! When arrive in a foreign country, can language barriers really stop children? No, for children who are prepared, not only will be not, but also their other strengths, such as: own performances, storytelling, native language, own wisdom, etc., can also bring joy to other students, forming mutual help.
Thanksgiving! Learning to be grateful is an excellent character that every kid must have. Although, between the classmates the help is little, the other party may not pay much, may be just a hand, but since kid have benefited from others, should be grateful.
Take oneself to the next level! School is about to start new term period, Andy is very excited, and will soon meet with the classmates. After a long summer vacation, each classmate has a different holiday experience, it is so wonderful and interesting.
Good childhood! Under the care of the sun, children grow up carefree and healthy, full of joy every day, the joy of childhood, even when the exam is near, the homework is tight, but the students are still together, still have endless surprises, did not finish listening stories, in happy, help each other ...
Enjoy the joy! There will always be appear pleasant things in the survival , or disturbing things ... Facing the pleasant surroundings things, kids can learn, properly arrange well, meet with smiles, exciting, happily dancing and even showing some ecstatic behavior ...
Enjoy the ordinary! The colorfulness of life is made up of countless ordinary days... In ordinary life, there are the spring, flowers blossoming, colorful, and also summer stories... Laughter with tears, full of be ashamed and uneasy the hug, exciting cheers, sincere heartfelt...
Today I am the leader! Always dream of one day, can become a squad leader. This is the ideal of Little Tom. Grandma knows, she is very happy and tells Tom , good boy, work hard towards your dreams! Mom also smiled and reminded Tom to cheer for his dream!
Courage, strength! Have the courage to admit mistakes, and be able to gain the power to move forward... Because making mistakes is inevitable, but always making the same mistakes, it is hard to be forgiven, and it is worrying...
Flower of friendship! Stretch out hands, embrace the world of sunshine, enjoy the warmth of the sun, and pass the bond of friendship... In the days of our growth, the companionship of the students is warm and unforgettable, no matter in the hot summer
Why is it lonely? When arrive in a new environment, can often feel lonely, because everything is strange; If change to use other think, such as: everything is fresh, use oneself curiosity to explore, ask, learn... Can able to make a lot of new friends at once, learned a lot of new things, learned a lot of new knowledge, and showed own unique charm...
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