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Thank you! To politely thank other children for their help, or politely decline the help of others, is a skill that every child should learn and master. Thank you for your help, but I can do it! Thank others politely for their help, to learn your own things and do it yourself
On the field of hope! The fragrant soil, the fresh air, the love of the sun, the blowing of the morning breeze, the grassy path, everything is still so alluring, full of summer fairy tale world! It is a continuation of reverie, lingering, beautiful fields, the generosity of nature, the diligent farming of the people, giving birth to the autumn harvest and the beauty of the world.
Thank you! Nancy smiled and gave Tom a hug, Tom shake swing his hands , and quickly replied: You're welcome, this is what I should do. Being polite, showing their good etiquette, and morality are no exception to children. Polite and moral children are loved by others, but children are not natural have polite.
Why are afraid! Because of the children's living environment, many children are indomitable little heroes at home, dare to speak, dare to think, dare to do; but once they leave the house, it is almost like a different person, because the children are obese, and they are often ridicule by children who are not loved enough.
Friendship! The friendship of Safflower and Green Leaf, Safflower roared loudly, I am red flowers, more colorful, attracting the eyes of the public. After the Green Leaf heard it, were not convinced, and answered coldly, how can safflower bloom without green leaves.
Show your own confidence! The correct posture brings children self-confidence, physical health, learning progress, etc., endless benefits, it can be said that will benefit a lot throughout child the lives. Arrange for children to learn early, master the correct posture knowledge, and be able to consciously adjust their own in time.
Healthy and happy growth! The comprehensive quality of children is very important, it will affect the child's life; it is necessary to improve the comprehensive quality of children, so that children can master themselves to create a healthy environment, grow happily, enjoy to slowly learn, etc.; Registration: Jul. 1, 2021 Start Register
Smile send away the tears! What to do when children encounter difficulties? Often due to grievances, can't help but shed tears, let the tears take away yourself unhappiness, troubles, etc. Let smile to face difficult, overcome difficulties, and achieve success.
Naughty bee! The golden autumn, a good harvest is full of fruits, and everywhere flowers are blooming, swarms of bees are happily collecting nectar, the fragrance of flowers is exuding in the air, and the singing of bees comes in ears side.
Friendship! Friendship is very important. The friendship between red flowers and green leaves can be reflected. Many children came to the garden and saw the red flowers blooming in full bloom.
Correct walking posture! Every child has a different walking posture, but is the walking posture correct? The answer is that it is not correct. There is an error in the walking posture. Some children walk with heels, some children walk with outside eight word foot, and some children walk with inner eight word foot, and some children are still hunched...
Sunshine, rain and dew, and our smile! Golden Int'l special arranges to learn the correct walking and so on posture, correct children posture, give children a happy, healthy learning environment, cultivate children to create happiness every day, and enjoy in laughter Study, enjoy life, enjoy life ...
What if I did something wrong? What should I do if I accidentally do something wrong? Some children show more nervous emotions, or even helpless ... Learning to comfort themselves as soon as possible, correcting mistakes in a timely manner with optimism, because I am a good child!
Stay away from loneliness! Can it be done? Many children shook their heads, showing oneself expressions, it was too difficult! But every toddler should learn! Enjoy modern junk food, joy avoid introverted behavior! why? Because it's good for health and good for improve children's comprehensive temperament!
Happy to stay away from obesity! Children obesity will not only cause many diseases, but also threaten children more and more every aspect. Moreover, obese children often need to face other children, secular sneer, etc. For children mind is invisibly hurt every day, and thus resulting in inferiority, heart timid, etc!
I love chocolate! When saw the tempting chocolate, Amy couldn’t move, hope can eat it right away... Mother is a little bit difficult, because the warning from the family doctor is still echoing in the ear: Amy is overweight, in the diet, should pay attention...
Stay away from the introvert mentality! Afraid of something? Afraid to raise a hand to speak in class, afraid to answer wrongly, unwilling to talk with classmates, worried about being teased by classmates, afraid to sing, worrying, afraid of being mocked by other students for incomplete tone ...
Good temperament! Every child should continue to learn, improve, and achieve a good temperament. Because children have a good temperament, not only is beneficial to the healthy growth of young children, but also, for the child's progress, performance, form a constant bonus, children will be lifelong Benefit.
Children student participate in learning Golden Int'l Free Education the correct method: Child participates learning in first-time, must under parents, or guardians help, based on the personality of child, choose the Golden Int'l Free Education the education course.
Walking out oneself the style! The comprehensive quality of children needs to be cultivated from an early age. It is a common problem for children, that is walking attitude no good. Some parents and elders have the wrong old concept: is interesting,think that walking posture incorrect the is normal. Children are small and slowly adjust themselves...
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