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The correct way for teenagers to participate in learning (1): Please select "Youth Education" from Golden Int'l Free Education as the learning category. Golden Int'l Youth Health Education is suitable for the actual age of participating students, which should be between 13 and 22 years old. The students are teenagers.
Golden Int'l Eye Health Language, for kids student (6): Common sense to protect your own health. Eyes are the windows of the human soul. Use your own eyes to see the beautiful world. Your own must learn to constantly encourage yourself,
Children students still attend two classes a day, and each class lasts 25 minutes (10): 8. Learning time: Just started studying, and attends two classes a day, but each lesson time for twenty- five the minutes. As gradually improve, and master the Golden Int'l Health Language,
Student is working people or leisure people (4) participate in the correct learning method: Golden Int'l Free Education, each education part is composed of seven units of educational video courses. Please download the seven-unit educational video courses for free
The correct way for teen patients with disease to participate in learning (11): Teen disease patient must maintain a happy mood, step by step finally achieve learn and master real the knowledge. Every teen disease patient surely can defeat different of disease, such as the COVID-19 epidemic disease, obtain rehabilitation as soon as possible, restore health.
Common sense for kid students to protect one's own health (5): Participate in learning and master Golden Int'l Brain Health Language the application knowledge. 6.1.1 must first be correct and work hard to adjust children's own mood. No matter the child's mood is: very sad or unhappy,
Every student must master five kinds of different educational video courses (8): After studying mastering the first education video course, each student must choose the new education video course of Golden Int'l Free Education, continue carry out learn,
For those who are participating in the study for the first time (3): should correctly choose the educational video courses, Golden Int'l Free Education that are suitable for them to meet their own needs. If students are working people, they should be based on their own occupation,
The right way for teens with disabilities to participate in the learn (10): 9.1 If the disabled teen's brain is normal, must participate in the same way as ordinary teen, learning Golden Int'l Brain Health Language, and learn method must follow this article.
The correct learning method for students who are kids (4): Golden Int'l Health Language consists of three parts, namely: Golden Int'l Brain Health Language, Golden Int'l Eye Health Language and Golden Int'l Body Health Language.
Golden Int'l Free Education, learning for children students (8): Alternate between each unit, rearrange and combine, intersperse and connect to make all actions, constantly change the combination and connection of units, and ensure that your own can make correct , smooth, beautiful, skilled movements.
Working people, leisure people stay away from the COVID-19 epidemic (2): Master the correct modern knowledge to protect your own health Please visit "Participate in Golden Int'l Free Education, I'm a novice, how to participate in the free education of?"
Study time, the correct study method for young students (9):Students have just started to study, and the study time is two classes a day, each class is forty-five minutes. Student Must still participate in two lessons each day, but each lesson time for twenty the minutes. Must following Golden Int'l education the requirement: When student own body to heat up and sweat slightly, just fine.
Targeted for kids student (3): Begin to participate in the study of Golden Int'l Free Education. Each education part is composed of seven units of educational video courses. Please download the educational video courses of the seven units to your own computer, mobile phone, smart TV and other devices for free.
Arrangement of the learning progress of children students (7): When children have fully mastered all the teaching content of the first unit of educational video course A1, have reached the point: do not need to watch the educational video course,
Participate in learning Golden Int'l Education(1): Master your own protect your own health, stay away from the COVID-19 pandemic disease, targeted for students who are leisure or working, please choose Golden Int'l Free Education
The following study arrangements learning methods for teenage students (8): Must be followed for studying the five educational video courses, after studying mastering the first education video course, each student must choose the new education video course of Golden Int'l Free Education
Participate in the correct learning method for kids (2), according to the personality of kids, choose Golden Int'l Free Education, educational video courses that are suitable for kids. Usually, kids are impatient, or prone to tension when encountering things, ...
Golden Int'l Body Health Language, the correct learning method for children (6): Strictly follow Golden Int'l Free Education, targeted for common body health education of children, starting from the first unit of educational video course A1, step by step, and gradually mastering the children public education knowledge, add skilled, and continuously improve.
Leisure or working disease patient, participate in Golden Int'l Education (9): For promote working or leisure disease patient overcome the disease, accelerate obtain rehabilitation and health, is very beneficial.
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