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Do it has efficient! Being overweight has become more and more common among teenagers, and losing weight has become a action among teenagers. What are the proven ways to lose weight? Teenagers like to enjoy food, but hate obesity, how to balance, ...
True to the name! After one's own efforts, your own can become a veritable winner in life. This result will surely be a happy result for all. Because the growth of teenagers is not smooth sailing, sometimes there will be stormy waves, and sometimes there will be... .
Stay away from bow legs! Before you know it, the beautiful legs appeared out bow legs. Because of the existence of bow legs, the walking posture is not correct, and it is often accompanied by fall east west crooked, which greatly affects the external image of teenagers.
Fair debate! Why do teenagers often show up, lack their own opinions, follow others' opinions, like to do a wall head grass, and fall on both sides when the wind blows? It often appears in teenagers, in order to cater to some classmates, do something against their will. Although it is not advocated to quarrel,...
Cut to the topic! For teens, Give you one minute, can introduce yourself in a natural way? In the face of unfamiliar people, can you use your own words to cut into the theme immediately?
Thing violation human to wish! Desire to succeed and dreams are beautiful, often appearing in teenagers, but, often appearing: things don't go as expected! Because, no pie throws from the sky, if don't study hard, can't expect to get good grades.
Conveys confidence! You can believe it, Smiling eyes convey confidence and strength! Each teenager maintains a happy mood, shows a kind smile, gives others a sense of intimacy, and uses his own smile to convey confidence, strength, encourage himself, and inspire others.
Proud temperament! Teenager temperament cannot be ignored, and having a good temperament can play a plus role in all aspects of teenagers. Every teenager, if they can consciously maintain, walk out of their own style, and show a proud temperament, is a great help to themselves.
Difficult to forget! Today, as if back to childhood, unforgettable childhood anecdotes are unfolding in front of my eyes, happy childhood, study, life, pure friendship between classmates, love of parents, mutual love between brothers and sisters help and so on, childhood is beautiful, teens have happy childhood, healthy growth.
Good posture! Can teenagers show their own graceful posture and decent temperament freely? Incorrect posture of teenagers will not only affect their own appearance, but also affect the health of teenagers. Showing their own sunshine, cheerfulness and vigor just right, giving the public positive energy, ...
Confidence! Showing self-confidence is the goal that every teenager yearns for. However, many teenagers can't do it, they don't believe in themselves, don't have self-confidence, they lack confidence in themselves, etc., is not desirable and must be changed.
The pillar talent! In the eyes of teen, there is a clear distinction between dead wood and pillar talent. Every teenager hopes to become a pillar talent of tomorrow, and no one wants to be a dead wood. The goal is right, and the effort will be able to achieve your own right goal.
The future is bright! Although there are twists and turns in the growth of teen, as long as they can study hard, participate in community public welfare activities, and continuously improve themselves, the future is bright! For the wise, have obtain many opportunities for success in the process of teen growing up!
Thanks for the help! Living in a foreign country, there are always unexpected difficulties, and often in anxiety, with the selfless help of his other classmates, can't help but sincerely say: Hello, classmates, thank you for your help!
Natural introduction! Give you a minute chance to introduce yourself in a natural way? Many teen talked in front of their own classmates, but when faced with the interview and gave a speech in full view, they immediately lost their former demeanor.
Resolve contradictions! There is a kind smile on face, although the language is not fluent, uses kind body language to resolve the contradiction between the two sides. Because smiling eyes full of kindness convey confidence and strength.
The truth! What is the essence of ordinary life? For a lot of teen, the answer is completely different. In fact, it's the same. Life should be ordinary. Do the same things every day, between school and family, over time, it shows plainness.
Correct walking posture! What is the correct walking posture? Many teenagers dont know the correct walking posture. Some students often laugh at other students ugly walking posture, but they dont know that their own walking posture is not good too, even is the bow-legs.
The lotus leaves the sludge without staining! Among teen, it is very difficult to do this, because various factors have led to fewer and fewer teen who dare to tell the truth, and the living environment has become more complicated.
Opportunity! The opportunity to participate in a variety of interview is the best stage for teen to show themselves. To participate in conversation is the best stage to show their own speech skills, and to participate in important the interview is also a rare opportunity to show their expressive skills.
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