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Smart kid! A smart kid is good at summing up after making a mistake: why it led to the mistake, and how to avoid making the same mistake again in the future. Admit your own mistakes and say: I was wrong, thank you for your sincere help! Give yourself courage, strength!
Put on a big smile! Can the kids show outa bright smile naturally? Can share the joy of success with other kids? Most of the kids can't do it. Instead, they show timidity, introverted character, and introverted behavior, which often hinder the growth of kids. So, kids should participate in studies early, master the basic knowledge of display out,...
The spring breeze blows and gives birth again! Although it is said, the wild fire is burn endless, and the spring breeze blows and it is born again! However, failure is always cruel, and it is unacceptable for kids to have unsatisfactory test results one after another.
Walking out of your own the spirit! Kids walking posture can show out their own temperament. Kids have the correct walking posture, which is of great help to their own health. It is very important to educate children early on to step out of their own style, step out of their own spirit, and show out their own temperament!
Fresh elements! Kids learn to create their own happiness, add vitality to boring and tasteless learning, and constantly add some fresh elements in their own lives, process them into delicious ones, use their own love, and use their own smiles to gain classmates friendship, enjoy ordinary fun, and help yourself grow up healthy ...
Change the mood! Are happy? Kids often passively change their own mood from happiness to anger, even sadness because of a small incident. This kind of situation often happens among kids. For kids, it is very worthless. Kids should learn to create happiness by themselves, ...
Extraordinarily enchanting! The tall and tall cedars spread all over the mountains and plains, exuding a strong pine fragrance. The pine trees danced in the wind, showing various postures, but they still showed the green pine sea, as far as the eye could see. Even after the baptism of the blizzard,...
To be grateful! Kids should learn to be grateful, learn to repay, use the power within their own power to repay the help of others, thank others for their help. Love to read, each participant was able to gain knowledge while reading, to motivate themselves to stay away from loneliness and to avoid introverted behavior.
The polite ! Sophie came home from school and suddenly found that her new neighbor had a girl as her age. Sophie immediately greeted her happily. The first time they met, after introducing each other, the two immediately became inseparable good friends.
The wide the mind! The wide the mind of the sea is admirable. Every kid should learn to have the mind of the sea and learn tolerance, including others for their own praise, or criticism, and even abuse. The endless sea, for a while the waves are turbulent, ...
Adapt! It is very easy for kids to adapt to the new environment, kids often greet the new environment with joy. When kids arrive in a foreign country and face a new learning environment and a different living environment, kids are easy to show, full of curiosity, joy, excitement, but not afraid.
The sky is high let me flying! Kids should remember: the sky is high let me flying. Actively and earnestly learn correct posture and etiquette, because each kid needs correct posture knowledge, correct etiquette knowledge, especially posture, etiquette knowledge, ...
Trouble! Let happy tears take away troubles, and quickly bring laughter back to your own face! Because sarcasm and ridicule occur frequently among kids, except for ignorance, they also block their own free speech while sarcastic with other friends.
Ring-bow legs! Some kids, unknowingly, suffer from ring-bow legs. Because of the ring-bow legs, the way they walk is ugly, and they are always laughed at by other classmates. Sometimes they are unfriendly in front of themselves. Imitating the action of walking, the onlookers laughed, ...
Colorful! Kids work together to draw a colorful world together! Learn to use kind humor, resolve conflicts, use happiness to eliminate anger, troubles, use praise to gain friendship, create and provide a good environment for kids, learn happy sketches Golden Int'l comprehensive performance...
Bona fide smile! Use your own kind smile to treat troubles and let troubles go with the wind. Every day every kid will meet have all kinds of troubles, because of various reasons, what should kids do? Learn to use a smile to eliminate your own troubles in time, use happiness to resolve caused by troubles, learn and create by yourself...
In snow send charcoal ! The icing on the cake is good, but what the kids like more is: In snow send charcoal! In the process of growing up, kids often encounter the most difficulties and are very eager to get help. A kind smile and a cordial greeting are undoubtedly helpful for kids who encounter difficulties and have an introverted mentality.
Friendship is priceless! The friendship between kids is pure friendship and precious. Friends, cheers for the pure friendship between us. Through a bright smile, a sincere encouragement and a warm hug, the friendship between the kids is conveyed.
Winter's story! The north wind blows, the snow drifts, and the cold winter is the season that kids love, especially when the earth becomes silver-clad, snow is flying all over the sky, snowball fights in the snow, and do snowmen are added happy into their own childhood the memory.
Show your vigorously and energetically! Perform education in the correct state, show off health knowledge, show healthy temperament, be cool and free, infect others, etc., to give kids a happy and healthy
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