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Colorful! Kids work together to draw a colorful world together! Learn to use kind humor, resolve conflicts, use happiness to eliminate anger, troubles, use praise to gain friendship, create and provide a good environment for kids, learn happy sketches Golden Int'l comprehensive performance...
Bona fide smile! Use your own kind smile to treat troubles and let troubles go with the wind. Every day every kid will meet have all kinds of troubles, because of various reasons, what should kids do? Learn to use a smile to eliminate your own troubles in time, use happiness to resolve caused by troubles, learn and create by yourself...
In snow send charcoal ! The icing on the cake is good, but what the kids like more is: In snow send charcoal! In the process of growing up, kids often encounter the most difficulties and are very eager to get help. A kind smile and a cordial greeting are undoubtedly helpful for kids who encounter difficulties and have an introverted mentality.
Friendship is priceless! The friendship between kids is pure friendship and precious. Friends, cheers for the pure friendship between us. Through a bright smile, a sincere encouragement and a warm hug, the friendship between the kids is conveyed.
Winter's story! The north wind blows, the snow drifts, and the cold winter is the season that kids love, especially when the earth becomes silver-clad, snow is flying all over the sky, snowball fights in the snow, and do snowmen are added happy into their own childhood the memory.
Show your vigorously and energetically! Perform education in the correct state, show off health knowledge, show healthy temperament, be cool and free, infect others, etc., to give kids a happy and healthy
Extraordinarily enchanting! After the rain, the rainbow was very enchanting, just now it was a violent storm, lightning and thunder, as like will destroying everything on the earth.
Growing up healthily! The seedlings thrive in the sun, and the suns selfless dedication gives the seedlings the sunshine they need to thrive, cares for the seedlings and so on. Kids are like seedlings, and they need enough sunshine to grow up in a happy, sunny environment.
Selfless fraternity heart! In the years when kids grow up, everywhere can experience the selfless fraternity of their mothers. Every kid should say to their mother:
Conquer troubles! At a young age, all kinds of worries are encountered every day, which makes kids very angry, why? Investigate the reason, the troubled caused by oneself! Change your own mindset, look at problems, and look at things, with a completely different perspective.
The mother of success! Every child whispers and knows that failure is the mother of success, but when their own encounter failure, forget it. Failures happen around the kids every day. How do face all kinds of failures? Do have the courage to face your failures?
Show proud temperament! Walking out of your own style, show proud temperament, every teenager can do it, and it's very easy. Regarding ordinary life and learning environment as a big stage to show oneself, you can give play to your ingenuity every day...
Graceful posture! Every kid can walk out of graceful posture and show beautiful temperament. However, many parents do not think so, and many kids have no confidence in themselves, always envy other classmates, complain about their own poor walking posture, and so on.
The joy of a bumper harvest! Study hard to get excellent results, which every kid can understand, but only by improving kid physical, psychological, abilities and even comprehensive qualities can all kids achieve long-term excellent results. Only with the right efforts in spring can kid get the fruits of autumn.
Smile write on the face! Walking out of your own style, show out your own smile, and maintain correct posture. Every kid can do it. For their own health and tomorrow's success, kids should pay attention to the correct posture early.
Sincere friendship! On the desk, there was a letter, that was very conspicuous and attracted the curiosity of all the students. Surrounded by the students, Amy carefully opened the envelope. It was a thank-you letter sent from a foreign country.
The sunflower blossoms! Under the shining of the sun, sunflowers thrive, with luxuriant branches and leaves, and flower discs have grown. Every day, under the breeze, they sway freely and freely, adding the fragrance of sunflowers to the earth, and swarms of small bees are moving. Working on the big flower tray
Posture! Whenever say: Posture is very important, many kids disagree, and even parents have misunderstood that the various postures shown by kids are similar to: walking posture, sitting posture, etc., are natural forming.
Temperament! The temperament of a kid reflects the spirit of the kid. Every kid should learn, improve his temperament, show his spirit, create happiness, walk out of a graceful posture, and show a beautiful temperament, which is very important. Jul. 1, 2021 Start Register
Healthy growth! Daily study, life is always so much plain, it often makes us feel tasteless, boring, even offensive. Learn to create happiness by yourself, add some fresh elements to the boring, tasteless study and life, and process it into a tasteful...
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