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What should you do if you accidentally do something wrong? Every child is a happy little angel, caring and willing to help others. Like a beautiful and happy little angel, stretches out a little hands to help other children, even strangers whom he does not know.
Good personality! The baby bunny's ears stood up, then the baby bunny was fast running, because it heard its mother's call. However, as running as, the speed slowed down, and stopped running.
The flowers are blooming! The little rose tree is frowning, because the aphids are madly destroying the buds that are in full bloom. The little rose tree has already talked to the aphids politely, asking them not to destroy the rose, and wait until the flowers bloom to bring beauty to everyone. But Aphids still go their own way and destroy wantonly.
Spread happiness! Children all like rainbows, colorful rainbows are so dazzling, especially after a strong storm, the colorful rainbows in the sky are so gorgeous, in the blue sky, set up a beautiful antenna,
Own ideal! Every child has his own dream, longing for his dream to come true. This is not a dream, enrich your own ideal with knowledge.
Thank you for your help! To politely thank other children for their help, or to politely decline the help of others, is a skill that every child should learn and master.
On the field of hope! The fragrant soil, the fresh air, the love of the sun, the blowing of the morning breeze, the path of green grass, in the field of hope, everything is still so attractive, full of summer fairy tale world! It is full of reverie and lingering, the beautiful fields, the generous gift of nature,...
The rose flower are blooming! The rose flower is frowning, because the aphids are crazily destroying the budding rosebuds, the rose has had many conversations with the aphids very politely, asking them not to destroy the budding, and wait until the flowers bloom, for everyone bring beauty, but the aphids still go their own way.
Full of sunshine! To train children, their own can create happiness, and artificially make their own lives full of happiness. With special training, every child can do it. When children's life is full of sunshine, the living environment of children will healthy...
Good temperament! Children need to learn etiquette, be polite in daily life and study, and show out their own good temperament... Etiquette and morality are people's ability to survive in society, and children are no exception. Being polite, is children must learn and master knowledge.
What should do if have troubles? John has already started to have troubles at a young age. Really, a lot of troubles happened to the child next door, John. So far, John was very worried, he was restless every day, and even couldnt eat. The little friend Andy found out, and immediately found John,
Flying in the sky! Like the stars in the sky, create a healthy and happy world for children to grow up, help children learn the correct posture, knowledge of etiquette in a happy atmosphere etc., so that let children can show out the correctly behaves in daily life.
Smile wipes away tears! What should children do when they encounter difficulties, often because of grievances, they can't help shedding tears. Let tears take away children unhappiness, troubles, and welcome joy. Every child can use his own wisdom to solve difficulties!
Big nature! The beautiful fields are the gift of nature, which makes the children dream and linger. Thanks to the generosity of nature, and the diligent cultivation of people, have given to birth the fruitful harvests and the beauty of the world.
Walking out your own style! Every child should learn the correct walking posture, the correct walking posture can show the child's own comprehensive temperament. Moreover, the walking posture of children directly affects the growth and health of children. Learning and mastering the correct walking posture is very important for every child!
Sing every day! On the endless prairie, there are a large group of happy grasses, who sing songs every day, in the early morning, to welcome the arrival of the sun, swaying in the wind, dancing lightly... The grasses are very happy, have friendship, solidarity, thriving in nature...
Favorite! Whenever ask the children, what is their own favorite? There are various answers, but many children answered in unison: mobile phone.
Create happiness! It is easy for children to create joy on their own. Every day children their own can create happiness and create a very happy atmosphere. Because it is not difficult to create happiness, each child can create happiness by himself, smile with his own kindness, ...
Flying snow to welcome spring! The heavy snow in the sky, under the command of Grandpa wind's magic wand, forms the north wind blowing, the snowflakes float, creating a world of ice and snow, silver, which is the favorite of children, put on a thick and beautiful coat, surrounded by bright scarf, with snowflakes, ...
My lovely mobile phone! The mobile phone is the favorite of every child, with novel games, cartoon pictures, and also can contact with other children. Children often play with mobile phones and linger. Every child said invariably: I like playing with mobile phone! Many parents are worried and worried about this, but they are helpless...
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