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Let the wind and waves hit me, I won't move! Like an eagle, flying freely in the blue sky, showing excellent comprehensive temperament. In the laughter, learn and master to eliminate, correct incorrect posture, etc., showing oneself charm, youth, vigor flourishing ... Everyone is eager to have a bright future. It is actually very easy to learn the correct modern knowledge to protect oneself the health ...
Laughter brings us happiness! Sweet laughter makes busy work easy; happy language makes listeners feel happy, may ask, can you do it? Apply it to oneself work, life, talk with friends, discuss at work, etc., learn to improve the tone of your speech...
When you let go , release immediately! Life was originally very bland, but people's nature likes to compare, lead to appeared out wise or fool; When appear out stupid people have stupid blessings, everyone cannot understand, what is the matter!
River and mountain how charming! Participate in stage inspirational speeches performance comprehensive education, learn to create happiness, master the timely release of excess fat in oneself body, or excess sugar , etc., to achieve self-protection of oneself health, stay away from obesity in happiness, easily avoid obesity, and enjoy wonderful life!
Ideal must be realistic! In the laughter, master the knowledge of timely self-elimination of excess fat in the body, create happiness by yourself, enjoy pleasant ordinary learning, life, show your charm, youth, and energetic;
Enjoying food is not a dream! Delicious food is hard to refuse, because enjoying food is a good thing, you can get different ingredients and nutrition, which is good for your health. However, when there is excess nutrition, you should release excess nutrients in time, usually must quickly to release your body inner excess fat, excess sugar.
Let the pressure go with the wind! Everyday learning, life has weaved an invisible big net, teenager survive in the big net, suffering a heavy learning burden, a tense life, a variety of pressures gradually accumulate, young mind, youthful body ..., often showing anomalies and even feel breathless...
The Savior! Defeat COVID -19 epidemic disease, New Coronavirus ! Lost balance! One of the bad habits of modern humans is that they can be become the lazy and even more lazy. Whether at work or in life, there are always some people who are unwilling to do things, for example, like to eat and drink, do not like to do motion.
Calling youth! When can become an economic independent, can enjoy the food as you like, freely arrange your spare time, hold junk food, watch your favorite TV shows until late at night... But obesity is quietly coming to report, body becoming is big and fat, will be left youth, and getting farther and farther...
Cool love the temptation of sweets! Chatting with friends, when talking about sweet food, all can't help but refuse, and are unanimous, with a clear attitude. It seems that sweet food are poisons. They don't hesitate to refuse. Everyone know the shortcomings of sweet food.
Hundreds flowers bloom spring come! The flowers exude fragrant, floating with the wind... When the flowers bloom, the fragrance is fragrant, showing the beauty of the colorful, attracting thousands of bees, embellishing beautiful fairy tales, setting off a colorful world, imaginative Even the article...
Stay away from obesity! Many teenagers have a feeling of very difficult or embarrassment, because the food is too tempting, and the sugary carbonated drinks are so good too. Although, every day many people are in teenagers the ears to say: you cannot to eat to much garbage food, etc.
Enlightenment! Why does health go from bad to worse? Whenever you eat, meet good food, drinking sugary carbonated drink, there is a burst of warning sounds in ear: Please protect your health, stay away from good food, don't drink sugary carbonated drinks...
Health first! The high-rise buildings are built base on the ground, relying on a strong foundation. Everyone's health is also the foundation of their own lives. With a healthy body, everyone can fully engage in work or study, give full play to oneself ingenuity, and create own career glory.
Why are suffering from cancer? Because of unhealthy habits, let cancer have a chance, hurt human body... Life is oneself, everyone can arrange it yourself, make life full of sunshine, healthy, happy, colorful, everyone can do it... Oneself can create happiness, friendship, health...
Embrace health! Humpback, walking loss balance, memory is seriously declining, health appear out problems, directly affecting oneself work, life... Among in most of them lose health, all start from the body get obesity;
Grow in happiness! are you happy? I am very happy, because I can create happiness myself..., but there are many people who don’t know how to use simple methods to create happiness... Often to worry for a little bit of trivial things, don’t know how to handle them...
Persevere! Happy to arrange own work, life..., everyone is easy to do. Can arrange yourself in a happy state of mind, to complete each job, although sometimes it does not go well, it is irritating...; But, if can with a normal feel to face, transposition to thinking, understanding each other, many problems will be become very easy to solve...;
But everyone can't do it, especially the unforgettable people and things, for a long time unforgettable, the past is always vivid, reminiscent, causing infinite nostalgia, sad, excited... Leave a good memory, a happy laughter, a pure friendship, a selfless fraternity... Let grief go with the wind, ... memory sweet laughter, make busy work feel relaxed; happy language Let the listener feel happy, everyone can do it!
Have a healthy body and be able to go further! Teenagers are faced with the pressure of learning, heavy learning, taking up a lot of extracurricular time, greatly reducing the time of activities, adding a dazzling array of modern foods, the temptation to young people, love eat, love soft drink, not like activity.
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