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I love chocolate! When saw the tempting chocolate, Amy couldn’t move, hope can eat it right away... Mother is a little bit difficult, because the warning from the family doctor is still echoing in the ear: Amy is overweight, in the diet, should pay attention...
Stay away from the introvert mentality! Afraid of something? Afraid to raise a hand to speak in class, afraid to answer wrongly, unwilling to talk with classmates, worried about being teased by classmates, afraid to sing, worrying, afraid of being mocked by other students for incomplete tone ...
Good temperament! Every child should continue to learn, improve, and achieve a good temperament. Because children have a good temperament, not only is beneficial to the healthy growth of young children, but also, for the child's progress, performance, form a constant bonus, children will be lifelong Benefit.
Children student participate in learning Golden Int'l Free Education the correct method: Child participates learning in first-time, must under parents, or guardians help, based on the personality of child, choose the Golden Int'l Free Education the education course.
Walking out oneself the style! The comprehensive quality of children needs to be cultivated from an early age. It is a common problem for children, that is walking attitude no good. Some parents and elders have the wrong old concept: is interesting,think that walking posture incorrect the is normal. Children are small and slowly adjust themselves...
Help each other! Children learn the tolerance is very important. Tolerate the deficiencies of other students, or to make mistakes. In a timely manner, reach out oneself the friendly hands and give help within own ability. Not only can get friendship, but also bring joy to child self ...
Stay away from obesity! Children love modern food, fast food, and many are considered junk food by parents, because modern food does have many advantages, attracting children, let children so much love, never tired of eating...
Enjoy health! Children like the modern food, and love modern beverages, and do n’t want to participate in sports. Of course, the body starts to accumulate fat. Little fatty people have become a code name for many children. Although they hate it, other children will still yell quietly behind them ...
Embrace friendship! Children's friendship is pure, simple, wave of their hands, or showing their bright smile, or giving a warm hug ... Extending oneself the hands, giving other children the help, oneself can, enhancing friendship in joy, improving themselves, It's so much more ...
Knowledge Ocean! Knowledge, endless knowledge, is the spiritual food, attitude knowledge, etiquette knowledge, model knowledge that every child needs to get... to the healthy, happy growth of the children, to give guidance, help, support... like a sponge capture knowledge...
The frogs are high voice singing! The rain in the early summer is as expensive as oil. After a gust of wind, the storms are falling on the earth, giving the world everything, send in timely rain... In the laughter, enjoying the rain...
Beautiful language! Say out let the listener happy, let the conversation become a friendship exchange, friendly transmission, every child can do it! When life is full of sunshine, the survive environment is environmentally, healthy...
Happy to stay away from obesity! Children obesity will not only cause many diseases, but also threaten children more and more every aspect. Moreover, obese children often need to face other children, secular sneer, etc. For children mind is invisibly hurt every day, and thus resulting in inferiority, heart timid, etc!
I like! When faced with a new unfamiliar environment, it is a challenge for children... new teachers, new classmates, new environments, even new languages... With oneself favorite mindset into the new environment, there is great help... For new friends, say: New friends, know you, I am very happy, please applaud our know each other, I like the new environment, I thank you for giving me new friendship...
The eagle is flying high! The little eagle is very envious of his brother, the ability of my sisters, flying in the blue sky, flying wings , painting the sun in a while, showing the mountains in a while..., beautiful... The little eagle can't wait to ask the eagle brother, when, myself Can also fly to the sky?
Santa is coming! Everyday Christmas is coming, every child is preparing to give greetings, and oneself wishes to Santa. This is every little friend little secret, all has to be tight-lipped, but Tom, who is straightforward, hopes that children should share his own secret.
The little turtle smiled! Be lost road, in the vast lake, the little turtle is crying sadly, what to do, I lost my way, can't find the way home, the little red fish swims to the side of the little turtle, whispering comfort: Welcome you stay, play with us, every fish likes you, other little sisters, little grass also said in unison: Please stay, play games with us...
Happy little grass! On the endless prairie, the lived have a large group of happy little grasses, singing songs every day, in the early morning, welcoming the arrival of the sun, dancing in the wind... Participating in the children's stage reading performance comprehensive education, creating and providing a good environment for young children, learning performances...
The little bee is naughty and blinking! In spring, the hundred and the thousand of flowers bloom, a group of bees are collecting honey happily, the fragrance of flowers is emitted in the air, and the bees the sing are heard from the ears.
Bunny two ears vertical up! The bunny is running fast, because it hears the shouting of the mother, but running, and running, his speed slows down, then, the bunny does not run...
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