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My the joy! Happy, angry, happy, troubled... Everyday at our side, integrated into life, at work... Keeping a happy mood putting in your own work, learning, living, treating difficulties with a smile, working hard, Use wisdom to resolve contradictions...
Let troubles to go with the wind! Every day, have various kinds of troubles, which are disturbing and sometimes infuriating, but the living environment is not a vacuum and cannot be controlled by myself. Therefore, should learn to master the ability to forget the troubles and let the troubles follow the wind and go ...
Watch out for leg diseases! Since modern mankind invented automobiles and other means of transportation, so modern mankind use fewer legs the features than in the past, and the health of legs has started to down trend.
Work and leisure student participate in learning Golden Int'l Free Education the correct method: Students must correct to choose participated in Golden Int'l Free Education, the education courses, reach to meet oneself needs. For first-time to participate in learn student, the student is already work, and should be based on oneself occupations to choose courses; student is leisure person, and should be based on oneself character to choose courses;
Who is right and who is wrong? People encounter a variety of things every day. Everyone has their own ideas and expresses their own opinions on the matter. Some people talk, some people speak with confidence, others are powerful, and some people are only promise ..., but who is right?
Say no to bad habits! The surviving environment of the modern mankind has been changed more and more by our-self, and even many changes have no benefit to modern mankind, and some bad habits will cause to hurt the human body health. The bad habits that cause hurt to the human body should be firmly rejected...
Lost balance! One of the bad habits of modern humans is that they can be become the lazy and even more lazy. Whether at work or in life, there are always some people who are unwilling to do things, for example, like to eat and drink, do not like to do motion.
Opportunity to fail! Mr. Leo confidently prepared to sign a contract with the client, because he felt that had done his best work. But the fact is that the client did not agree to sign the contract because, pointed out that there were some potentially unreasonable terms in the contract...
Happy life! Are you happy? The answer is completely different. Some people even answer: unhappy, too tired ..., and others answer: very painful, because of various reasons every day, leading to a bad mood ... Happiness needs to be created by yourself and operated with your own wisdom.
So the easy! Simple surviving environment, comfortable life, happy work, good health... It is the hope of the public! However, when Luo Circle Leg appeared, everything was disrupted... What is terrible about Luo Circle Leg... Away from Luo Circle Leg is a lot of dream of people of working casuals, because Luo Circle Leg affect their appearance...
Please protect health! The sincere words from the bottom of one's heart came from the relatives who will leave us due to terminally ill, is precious... Overdraft money is the debt, whether it is an individual or a company, the end of the world is known, all will positively adopt various protection methods, avoid happen...
Sunshine, rain dew, joy! Ordinary life, tedious work is always around oneself, and every day let physically and mentally exhausted ... In changing to another way that make ordinary life a happy thing, to participate happily, arrange more relaxed, to bathe in the sun, enjoy the happiness...
Smiling facing! It is very difficult to do the right thing, especially the correct thing of a different concept. Not only can not get support, but should faced irony, ridicule, opposition, etc. Must have self-confidence!
Worry troubles of own imagining! Set out the goal of outrageous, naively expecting the pie to fall out the sky; Set out the goal are always high and far, of course the result is that the bamboo basket hits the water - an empty... In real life, there exist too many people... Thus, leads to oneself life full frustrated, appear out frustrated work...
Far away from the bow-legs! Walking out of your own style, get out of the right posture, learn, master Golden Int'l Mobile Health Life Science the application knowledge, targeted for the knowledge of away from the bow-legs, in the happiness, master the correct posture, walking posture well... Constantly, correct your own incorrect posture, avoiding the bow-legs, etc., walking out of oneself style, show good spirit!
Selfless dedication! Extend out your the hands and my the hands together, hold them together, connect them into a circle, and change into different garlands. Although it is selfless dedication, we all get warmth, joy, friendship, wisdom...
The slowly rising sun! In the early morning, a red sun rises from the horizon, shines on whole earth, everything shines, beautiful, blooms... Everyone wants youth to stay forever, but in fact it is hopeless, because the method can think, but cannot reach, because it is wrong ...
Give yourself a youth! Am I old? Yes, I am very young to my mood, like as the morning, the sun at , eight, nine o'clock, is rising, immersed in the sun-filled days, giving others warmth and relaxation with their kind smile...
Why trouble? Troublesome things happen every day, sometimes, superimposed, one trouble is not over, another trouble comes up... Use wisdom to solve troubles...
Show the correct posture! Everyone can show oneself correct posture. Everyone must learn and show own correct posture. Because, posture is correct, not only can you get youth, beauty, health, stay away from insomnia, but also help your career, every day get toward joy, family happiness...
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